Ok so yesterday me, my  mom and my little brother were traveling down a rainy highway when a car flipped over and slid in our lane (though it stopped a good distance from our car).


My catholic mom, (and others I have told) constantly suggested I thank god that I'm alive. For the record, my brother and I are in the closet atheists. Anyway, I nod them off, and talk about the female driver, my mom says she should thank god that she didn't die in the accident, and I had to hold back my urge to say "should she thank, him for the broken arm, fractured neck, shock and totaled car too?"


anyway I just wanted to know if anyone else has had people give them the "thank god" routine.

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But they never see it as "failed prayer"! They'll say, "God answers all prayers. It's just that sometimes the answer is no." Oh, COME ON!!!!!


I've always wondered: When a child is kidnapped, and the whole town gets their little candles and gathers together to pray for their safe return, and the next day the child is found dead in the creek....what do they say to each other? To themselves? Why do they go worship, that following Sunday, a being that could have saved that child? Are they afraid to shake their fists at the heavens and say, what the fuck is your problem? When I was still clinging to believing, I did that ALL THE TIME. I'd read about some horrible tragedy, and no one was rescued, and I'd say, WTF, god-dude?


Then I figured it out.

I had a boyfriend in high school whose dad was a surgeon, and he got sick and tired of people thanking god whenever he told them that their husband, or child, or whomever, was going to be okay. Hey, people! he wanted to say. I'm a talented surgeon and that's why they're going to live! If I was a crappy surgeon, they would have died!


I'm seeing a lot of "thank god" stuff on Facebook......and it's really starting to get to me!

I think it is terribly rude when people jump right into thanking "god", while neglecting the efforts and care of the real, living people right in front of them.
I know the feeling, after that whole bit with the car, my aggravation towards people thanking god has grown, and facebook has turned into an "all you can pray" buffet...
My husband got into a motorcycle accident.  He was hit coming home from work at 2:30 am.  It was hit and run.  He had visitors while in the emergency room.  So  many of our friends stood at his bedside and "thanked god" that he wasn't hurt worse, or killed.  It took everything in  my power not to tell these people to shut the fuck up.  Instead, I just thanked them profusely for their friendship and kindness.
I haven't told my mom I'm an athiest yet either, currently I live in Spain working for the navy so it hasn't come up much yet. Not really looking forward to that conversation. But my parents do crap like this all the time. "God will provide for us!" More like the job you worked your butt off to get and keep will!
This type of selfish BS is what pisses me off about the whole thing. Thank God?!?! That implies a)  god actually favors you above oh I don't know 6 billion other people and b) that he can in fact influence on events and therefor can save life and therfor should've done something to prevent Haiti and didn't and therefor is cruel and malevolent. Thank God. The most selfish and arrogant thing a person can say. You should call her our next time Rene.  Every time an athlete points up to the heavens for thanks after a goal, a home run, a basket, a win, I want to vomit.

Though it is very rare for somebody to tell me that I should "thank god" for something, I do hear the statement itself quite often from my younger sister.

She has a 1yr old son who was born 2+ months premature, and is currently living with the baby's father, who is a deadbeat beyond measure. I am constantly seeing facebook updates pertaining to "thank god my baby is a year old now", yet she doesn't even think to mention the government covered medical care that paid the one million dollar medical bill (yeah, that much), or our mother, who supported her and her deadbeat bf for over a year, who took out loans and went into major debt trying to provide for her child and grandchild.


I'm very glad that her child is doing well, but that kind of ignorant short sightedness makes me livid. I think of the numerous times my mother has called me, crying and at her wits end with everything, my dad calling me in a blind rage, all of the stress that my family has had to go through. And all she can be bothered to say is "thank god".

Well, fuck god.

"Thanks god for the cancer of my sister! now my family is more close to you. Please god keep the cancer for a little bit more until they realize that they need you"



doesn't praying for love count as emotional manipulation? And I know that at least here where I live people have even prayed for the election of their party's representatives....they get it, thank god, then spend their free time complaining about the government...shouldn't they tell god they want to give back their answered prayer?


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