Three pieces of bad news for supporters of quality education and opponents of the looming Christian Theocracy inTexas:

1) Gov. Rick Perry turns down $700 M "Race to the Top" education funds. This comes after our favorite Dickopedia stars initially turned down $555 M unemployment stimulus, threatened secession from the union (cuz, ya know how bad it is to be offered $ to help crushing unemployment), then finally changed course and accepted the money. You already know how this ends -- he's currently campaigning for re-election and acting like he never took the stimulus money. And besides he should have taken Texas out of the union anyway.
2) The Texas Education Agency (TEA) fires the agencies Science Director because she forwards an email, as part of her official duties to defend science, against the "neutrality policy" towards evolution, creationism and Intelligent Design. Read about how totally wrong neutrality about anti-science is here.
3) The curriculum committee of the SBOE convened this week to hear testimony on Social Science curriculum recommendations from a six member committee of "experts". See where the three Christianist experts on Social Science came from here.

One interesting result - Mary Kay Ash gets mentioned more times than Christopher Columbus in the curriculum standards because she is a Texas Christian Entrepreneur who demonstrates how free-market, godly principles makes the world a better place for bad cosmetics and pink Cadillacs. Remember, according to the last Texas governor, there is no word for entrepreneur in French.

Texas occupies a unique position of national political power in public education. K-12 textbook approval is in the hands of the State Board of Education (SBOE), an elected body with 15 members and a chairman appointed by by the (consistantly pin-headed, pig-ignorant) governor of our fair state. Texas has 4.5 million public school students and just about the biggest market for public school textbooks (other states don't aggregate textbook selection or purchase or if they do, the audience is not so large).

The other thing the SBOE is in charge of is K-12 curriculum standards (TEKS) which are tested by the beta version of No Child Left Behind with grade level proficiency tests, TAKS

Here is what I am doing to throw myself in front of the bus:
1. Voting for Kay Bailey Hutchenson in the Republican primary. Sure she is a crappy choice and has Dick(head) Cheney's endorsement but she is not Rick Perry.
2. Vote for Democrat Bill White in the general election.
3. Vote for the best Democrat for SBOE place 5 (where I am registered) in the primary.
4. Vote against Ray Mercer, the foul, evil, anti-history, anti-science, pro-Theocracy Republican in the general.
5. Send a little bit more $ to The Texas Freedom Network

carpe diem.

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Update: Voting for Medina in the R-primary THEN voting for Hutchinson in the run-off. Cuz Perry sucks; he's a hater.

Medina is a being positioned as libertarian but she is a tea-bagging theocrat. She is anti-choice for religious humbug reasons and anti-science masquerading as "local-control" on public schools. This is not totally against my high standards of political monkey-wrench-ery but is only ethical in "they started it!" or self-preservation sense.
UPDATE - Dateline Austin TX.
I just donated $5 minimum to the Debora "crazy as a shit house rat" Medina campaign for Crazy Governor of the State of Lunacy. Go Deb! Give a Tea Baggin, Kung Fu Tornado kick to Rick the Dick and the increasingly ugly but evil Kay.

Little known fact -- both Perry and Hutchinson were cheerleaders in college. Go Team!
That's what she said:

That sign is so amazing. I'm totally stealing this pic, I cannot resist.
Now Featured!
The latest news that shows why my theory that the best way to dissolve the Tea Party-9/12 movement is in the acid of truth:

In this blog, the back-story of Glenn "the crocodile tears of a clown" Beck's complete capitulation to corporate or MSM interests. Our fair Guv, the beautiful but evil Rick "best hair since Blogo" Perry, connived with Clear Channel Communication, Beck's dark lord of the radio airwaves, to clothes-line Debra "my personal love toy is a Glock" Medina re: her anti-R-thug-lican truther stance. Note that truthers are generally Alex Jones/Ron Paul libertarians, the opportunistic hack saw against Obama in the Glen "the total tool" Beck tool chest.

Perry's petroleum club handlers cannot, will not, must not allow Medina to drop this turd on the polished board room conference table. She is not malleable to their evil schemes and they know it.

Dame Debra is reeling from the body blow but - you cannot keep an insane person down - they will not stay on the mat for a ten count even if they are bleeding from the ears. She will come back; she must come back. I just sent in my ballot with Medina for Guv and I cannot imagine a future without her in the primary against the Emperor Rick Palpatine, dark lord of the Sith.

The enemy of my enemy provides the best entertainment value. If only the Octomon was on the balot for Lt. Guv...
the beautiful but evil Rick "best hair since Blogo" Perry

That is one impressive man-coif.


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