Texas teabaggers openly seek The texas teabaggers are trying to replace the speaker of the texas state house evto oust politician for being jewish. Claim only chrsitian conservatives are acceptable.s



The texas teabaggers are trying to replace the speaker of the texas
state house even though he's a republican conservative because he's
jewish and not christian.

Yes, that's right.Even though the speaker of the house in texas meets
the teabagger's political litmus test, they want to replace him because
he's jewish and they believe a christian conservative is better than a
jewish conservative.

You know, when fascist fanatics took over europe, established a regime
based on utter and absolute intolerance for any form of personal freedom
or individuality and tried to impose their regime on the rest of the
world, it took america to stop them. I'm horrified to imagine what would
happen if fascist fanatics like the teabaggers, who are going further
and further towards a state that would resemble nazi germany in many
ways, take over america. Who will stop fascism from spreading if it's
coming from america?

As an american, will I someday have to hope for some coalition of
foreign countries to defeat, conquer and occupy america to restore
sanity, freedom and liberty to it if americans don't stop the teabaggers
from taking over?

To see american politicians openly using someone's religion as an issue
is bad enough, to see them claim that ONLY those who follow THEIR
religion can hold office is horrifying and infuriating.

 How can something like this be happening in america? Where is the media outrage?

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