Texas Rev Now Plans to Burn Copies of The God Delusion instead of the Koran


The Texan pastor's moved on from the Koran to a pyre of The God Delusion.

IN SCENES of calm bemusement not seen in the lower United States since John Scopes taught innocent schoolchildren evolution, it was reported yesterday that Pastor Terry Jones had given up on his plans to burn 200 Korans and was instead planning to incite atheists by soaking a gross of Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion in moonshine and putting a match to them.

Atheists, who hadn't been expected to come out in pick-up trucks with gun racks on their rear windows and circle his church with their engines revving like goaded Rottweilers, didn't.

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Richard Dawkins: "Well, thanks for the Money".
When asked about Pastor Jones's new plan to torch Dawkins's magnum opus, the President said: ''It's sweet with me. Let reason be fuel for the bonfires of the faithful. As long as atheists aren't going to whomp on us from the ridge tops with AK47s, let the Pastor light up a complete set of Hitchens and Sam Harris as well.''

They think I'll use an AK47?! Overrated Piece of Sh@#! I like the M4 and the HK416 Better!
The only problem I have with people burning books is they're wasting paper and contributing to global warming (if it is actually happening),I don't mind so much if they're burning books they bought.
Oh good, someone got his attention.

On the other hand, many thousands of Christians came out in opposition to the burning of the Qur'an. None of them showed up to defend Dawkins or atheists.

Also, this is a perfect illustration of the superiority of secular morality. They're not really worried that an atheist will retaliate with violence.
lol the fact that he thinks atheists view this book as holy and sacred is pretty laughable. Just like Peter says... as long as they paid for the books, whateve'. But does that mean we can burn the Bible now?!
If true thanks for putting money in the good professor's pocket.

Terry Jones yerfookinstoopid.
I'll grab the popcorn.
I've never liked anyone who burns books - Full Stop. I cringe at the thought of burning my own copy of the bible or quran. Not because the ideas in them are important but because they are books. Burning a book attacking religion shows that you are using destruction in an attempt to rebut your opposition's critism rather than giving an answer that will blow their arguement out of the water. Pastor Terry Jones is just showing that he cannot content with our critism. You don't see Scientists burning copies of Aristotle’s works or anyone who argued for an earth-centred universe. It is only in religion and politics that we see this kind of intolerance.
I have a few copies of the holy bible but I would never burn them and neither should anyone else. I would recommend everyone read it especially christians as it's clear that many of them haven't and them they would see it for what it really is. Full of horrors, many contradictions, and just plain nonsense. If people understood the bible fully they would realise that because of all the contradictions alone they wouldn't know how to be a true christian eg in leviticus it says homosexuals should be put to death and then one of the commandments says we must not kill. How stupid is that?
LOL. I like using Mat 27. It details a zombie uprising. I've actually gotten a xian to admit that there *must have* been a zombie uprising after he tried to squirm out of it. Really, you have them by the balls whenever you pull out choice quotes like that.
The only weapon an atheist needs against religion is a good copy of their holy text(s).
Not that it is actually happening (the article was a joke, satire), but if it did, I doubt if anyone would be up in arms about beyond a 'Book burning? Really? What century is this guy from?' comment or a celebration of a slight rise in book sales.
Who cares? If they burn 200 of Richard Dawkin's books that means that Richard gets money and the rest of the world still laughs at how stupid these people are.


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