So I went to Spanish Catholic Mass tonight with one of my best friends. We have kids that play together at least once a week and we are both Survivors. Both were married to Mexican men who treated us like shit. We have a LOT in common.....she called me and said, "Hey you want to come over for dinner and then go with us to Mass tonight?" Without batting an eyelash I said, "Sure!"...........and then realized what I had agreed to.

I decided I would go, not because I believe any of it but for curiosity's sake. I wanted to see how I would feel after not having stepped foot inside a church in well over a year.

It was boring as hell!

Although I did like the band! LOL!!!! I love to sing and I'll sing to anything. It gave me goosebumps as always, and what I used to think was the Holy Spirit "speaking to me" as the hairs stood up on the back of my neck, I realized, I just love to sing and the music is pretty.

I spent a lot of time in deep thought looking at the paintings and figures of the saints, staring at the crucified Christ hanging dead center, watching the Alter boys wondering if any of them were currently victims, (yes my mind went there)....watching the faces of the people....

I came to the stark realization at just how deep rooted, cheesy, and ridiculous it all is. And saddened by the deception of it, and also wondered how I never saw it before.

Does that make me a bad Atheist for going to church? LOL!!!

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I do not see this as an issue, but it could be interesting. The fellowship has made it clear during it's services and publications that it is an 'accepting fellowship'.

The fellowship is also in decline, with numbers attending the services at 30 or less. The church building itself is used by many other organizations, with the weekly food bank managed on a rotation basis between other smaller or ethnic fellowships.

It seems clear that, atleast in our area, a few theist fellowships are treading water. I expect that it would be premature to suggest that locally, theism itself is in decline, but the few fellowships I have visited could suggest it. We could be seeing a 're-definition' process to help maintain their social utility. The food banks, free clothing, and other social services are still very important during this economic downturn, and volunteering folks do see these as expression of religious belief. For me, since we do not really have a civil culture, these programs could make the difference between life and death for some.        

James, I commend your volunteering spirit as our society must always remember to lend a hand to those down and not necessarily out. We are all one disaster away from experiencing the lowly existence of depending on a stranger for our very survival.

This seems 'true'. So many feel as if they are disconnected from the world around them, but are really only one storm away from being raised to the ground, or one fire away from survival. I figure it is just now a matter of time before a catagory 5+ storm hits DC or some other center of government...

If you're a bad atheist, then so am I! 

If you want to learn how to betray people or commit acts of violence, the church is a pretty good place to start. 

I doubt that the church has a monopoly...


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