We often hear that If you simply believe in Jesus, you will be saved. Of course you can get into long discussions about By Faith alone, "A man is justified by faith without the deeds of law." Romans 3:28 or by works alone, "For you render to each one according to his works." Pslams 62:12 or by works and faith, some will say faith without works is dead and vice versa. But that isn't how the Christianity sales technique goes for us non-believers. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16 You can drive down the highway in most of the US and find billboards stating this over and over. Even here in liberal Washington, we hear that.

Judas believed in Jesus. He thought that Jesus was the Son of God. He gave up his family to follow him. He was so tight with Jesus that he attended the Last Supper as one of the 12 disciples. But then he betrays Jesus by turning him in to the Pharisees and the Romans. He still believed in Jesus so much that he either hung himself or his guts burst out from the torment of what he had done. Since we don't know precisely how he died, it's fair to assume that either way it was due to the grief of his betrayal. Some might even argue that Judas was told to carry out this betrayal during the Last Supper. So did Judas go to Heaven due to his works over many years and his faith in Jesus, or did one transgression throw him into the pits of Hell? Don't forget that Moses never entered the Promised Land due to not believing that water was going to come from a stone for just one second. 

The thought of this question makes me eager to put it to a group of Christians to sit back and let the in fighting begin. After the question occurred to me, I did find that I'm not the first to think of it. Good longish article on it. How do you see this playing out? 

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Hey Gaytor,

I actually have a few comments and christian explanations that I was given over the course of my 21+ years in the christian faith, if you don't mind my sharing...

Firstly, you brought up the whole (hung or spilled) debate when reffering to Judas. Actually, of the 6 churches I attended growing up (all different denominations) almost all of them believed both happened. They claimed that Judas hung himself and was left to rot in the tree. After decaying for some time, his stomach split open and thus his guts spilled. If this is even possible or plausible, is another story completely. Also, who would watch Judas hang himself, wait around for him to decay, and then record all of this? It's kind of funny to think about.

Another thing that always bothered me was that if you believe it was prophecy that Jesus would be betrayed and if you believe God knew what would happen before hand and that things HAD to happen in accordance to his will, then that means Judas never had a choice in the matter. Almost every sermon I heard on this subject was about Judas having no real choice in the matter, and so he was doomed from before his birth. I have heard a few pastors argue that God wouldn't predestine him to do this and then send him to hell for doing something he had no say in, but there is no biblical basis for this. Also, god is suck a prick throughout the bible, why wouldn't he just send him to hell? He did create humans, place a forbidden tree in near proximity, and tell them to partake would be sin, knowing full well that they would sin.

But we all know these are all just made up stories. Its just fun to ponder on it all now that I can see the flaws.

Take care!
I have to be brief. Judas held an office or he was an apostle. He outwardly followed Jesus.Thse are physical manifeststions. But this does not change the heart. Jesus said, 'Have I not chosen you [12 apostles],but one of you is a devil-or unbeliever?'
On one occasion Jesus was eating with his disciples and He suddenly said,'One of you that is eating with Me will betray Me.'
It had been predicted the Messiah would be betrayed in Psalms 41:9"Even my own familiar friend [Judas]in whom I trusted,Who ate my bread,Has lifted up his heel against me."

So Jesus knew eventually Judas would betray Him. He even said that, 'Woe is the man who betrays the Son of Man- it would be better if he had never been born.'

Just before Judas identifed Jesus to the gang of soldiers and priests J he walked up to Jesus and Jesus said, 'Friend [in Greek it means a close associate or a dear comrade) do you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?' Jesus was still showing Judas He considered him a friend,but this did not affect Judas,as his mind was on getting or keeping the 30 pieces of silver.

Judas was never a real believer,inspite of Jesus spending time with him and calling him His friend,etc. He was probably hoping that Jesus was the revolutionary that would help over throw Rome,but when Jesus started predicting His coming death this may have soured him.
Over time he began taking some of their funds too. This probably went to his wife and family,etc. But,most of it was 'given to the poor.'

Why did Jesus allow this because He had said that He knew as it 'was predicted and written' (in the OT)He was 'going to die for the sins of the world.' Isaiah 53 predicted the Messiah would be beaten,despised, rejected and die. See.

Judas was the instrument that caused the betrayal.

I am the reporter here. I will post more if you wish,but very good question.
You did not answer the question.

Did Judas go to Hell for being the "predicted and written" instrument?
Dr. Davis! Good to see you around. Don't limit yourself, lay it all out. If I were to take what you've said so far I would assume that he was in Hell. Is that the conclusion that you are leading me to?
If Jesus was supposed to die for our sins is it not plausible that everything that happened did so according to plan? Judas's was only fulfilling prophecy.....and so were the jews who were after him. Why, as christians who believe that Jesus died for our sins, do you blame Judas or the Jews for playing their parts in the plan for salvation?

Look at it this way.. If everyone accepted Jesus during his ministry and followed him and he lived a long life and died of natural causes... Would that still qualify him as the 'sacrificial lamb' who died for our sins? Technically perhaps, but it doesn't make for nearly as juicy a story.


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