A user on YouTube is making videos prompting "Chrstians" to vote according to certain "values", which are:

1. Marriage (as long as he gets to define what that means)

2. Life ("Right to life from birth to natural death". I guess that modern medicine is against his values too?)

3. Freedom (And by freedom, he means the freedom to dictate to others what they should do with their personal lives)

Anyway, the video just plain made me upset. It scares me when I think about how much power and influence these religious fundamentalists have over American politics.

Link to video on YouTube. Any thoughts on rebuttals? Comments?

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Actually it feels very much like the videos I have seen produced by Occupy, Move to Amend, environmental groups, and movies such as 'The Age of Stupid'. They are calls to arms, sometimes with the same theams.

Marriage is really not under threat, only the ideocentric definition of it. Theists want to monopolize the definitions that culture is made up of, and on top of those the social contract. The US as a republic (not an empire), defined as a christian nation, under the christian 'God'. All others will be given short shift.

Jobs/work will be defined along christian models. A renewal of the Protestant Work ethic, but along much more cruel lines, '...do no work, niether shall you eat..'. It is unclear if work will be held over people as a sword to enforce conformity, but I have heard such rumblings.

Economy, seems more abstract to most christians, but watching how some churches have raised money and business to a spiritual standing, it might be that corrupt business practices could be defined as moral acts as long as church coffers are feed. A looking the other way(new undulgences), pulling back FBI investigations, and going after small time crooks, because everything else is 'just god's business'.

War, as a 'heroic act' could take on more ominous tones. Middle eastern countries with eyes on Israel, could come under offensive actions. The bible has numerous stories of cruelity during war, and seems to indicate easy rationalizations. The talk during the last Bush administration concerning a US 'empire', might be refluxed.  

Just some minor concerns of mine..

Pretty awesome video if you took out all the words.  Like James said, definitely a call to arms.  I don't however, think that an unshackled Christian theocracy would be THAT horrible, but that could just be me putting too much faith in humanity.

Bottom line, the video was cool, the words made me sick.


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