Have you ever wondered how religion has influenced our language just try exclaiming!!!!

  • OMG!
  • Good God!
  • Oh God!
  • Jesus Christ!
  • Gor blimey! (God blind me)
  • Crikey! (Christ's keys) etc etc

Does anyone have any decent non-theist exclamations? 

Thanks : )

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Bumping this. Anyone out there? Good God, bloody hell, Got in Himmel,by the power of Grayskull!! come on peops, find me some exclamations that don't mention God and stuff or allude to God or mention God by proxy like Oh my sainted aunt!

Son of a bitch!  I can only think of one so far.

Rather coarse and certainly quite cruel if directed at someone. Prefer statements that can be used in polite conversation. : )

'Good grief' is the one I use when around children. 'Shitty bollocks' when not! 'Flipping heck' is another British one but prob does derive from 'fucking hell.' 'Bloody Nora'  'Bum and tits' is my best friend's one. Have to admit that when we don't swear, exclamations do tend to invoke God.

Well, I'm from Sweden an when I'm abroad I used (up till now)

"For crying out loud"
and then I found this site:http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/140850.html

and all I can say now is fffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuck I had no idea that that also had a religious meaning.

GOOD GRIEF I feel is mentioning God by proxy. Like saying sugar for shit. I could be wrong though.

Shitty bollocks is wonderful but i'm thinking about exclamations that would cause no offence.

Bloody Nora proxy to Mary.

Bum and tits. I love that, but can you say that in front of everyone without causing offence? I think not.

My mother says "For God's Sake!". I say " For Fuck's Sake"!

LOL, nice one Mabel. Classic.

I'm always partial to "What in the world?"

Oh I definitely use the religiously based ones, and I know (and know of) some truly hardcore atheists who let fly with "damnit" and "oh Lord" etc., though I am personally fond of "god fucking damnit" and variants; that covers almost all bases.  And if someone around me gets truly offended they can get bent (I except professional settings, where yes it is expected you will take some care not to offend people within the blast radius).

It's pretty impossible to feel "satisfied" with a profanity unless it's in your native tongue and it's potentially a bit "shocking" to _someone_ at least.

Sometimes, for comedic effect I will deliberately use some really absurd euphemism, like "airborne copulation" or "uncopulatingly believable" or "don't Richard with that" or the ever-popular "Richard Cranium"

If you think about it, once you bag religious cussing (because in some future no one will care) and most sexual cussing on the grounds that, "hey, that's actually good isn't it?" (the exception being rape and synonyms) all that's left out of today's stable of profanity is "shit" or variants thereof.

Slightly off-topic but good points nevertheless. Exclamations not profanities: O M G!!!

Try not using them when in this situation. :)


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