Inquiring Christians want to know.... What do you think about us?...and Why?

I really want Christians to HEAR what YOU think of them....good, bad, or ugly.

Brief stories and examples would be most helpful for them to understand your perspective.

Since most Christians won't visit ThinkAtheist to read it, please submit your comments via this site: If you don't use my site...that's fine will just take me longer to read through and summarize the points.

Some disclaimers:

I am not here to attempt to save your soul or preach to you. I'm not here to set you up or attempt to trap you. I don't have any ulterior motives.

My mission is to help Christians live what we preach. Among other love one another...and that includes atheists and non-believers. I want us to coexist. We can't do that if Christians are adding fuel to the fire and visa versa. We must seek to understand and respect each other if we are to coexist in peace.

Again, I'm not trying to change YOU...I'm trying to change Christians...for everyone's benefit.

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From that boob Mabus?
Besides, Mortimer Mouse would be the obvious suspect if Mickey were killed.
Cat Stevens and I had almost exactly the same life threatening experience. He promised god that if he survived he would devote his life to serving him and became a Moslem. It never even occurred to me to call on a supernatural being to intervene and save my ass, I just kept telling myself to keep on swimming.
I agree entirely. Religion might have started off as a good idea at first, however... as the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end..."... it's really such a shame that people take their "beliefs" so seriously and literally. I think that if Mohammad, Jesus, Confucius, or any other ancient religious leader were alive today, they would be appalled at the current state of stupidity that world religions are not able wrench themselves free of. The lessons contained within the Koran, the Vedas, the Bible, or any other religious book are basically antiquated "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books that, as an added benefit, instruct people to "devote themselves to (insert deity)". Social control.
Soooo.....are you looking for a couple of nice little FU quotes to show other christians and say...LOOK AT THE HATE THIS GODLESS PEOPLE HARBOUR...or something along those lines. Hmmmmm, suspicious, anyway, I don't think anything other that you are all wrong in that aspect of your lives, and besides the fact that you believe on something completely made up (which by the way I totally respect your belief) I personaly love you all as fellow people on this amazing biosphere called Earth, I hope you enjoy its beauty and enjoy it as much as I do. Evolution is so amazing and breath taking to behold, isn't it???
hello i was wondering in the internet and link by link found this thread , and then decided to add my thoughts ( was not registered on this site before.

For information i am french and atheist , former catholic . At the age of 8 i was in private school and had to have catechism every week and at this age i saw that is was dumb everithing about it 900 year old people talking snakes, wall breakers horns , and on top of it free will with horrible punishment if we do wrong ( call it free will , i call it fascism) so i piss off the people who teach that and get expelled of catechism (going to other scholl later

For a fact in france except for some hardcore catholics muslims and jews most people dont care about religion at all even non being atheists for a simple fact that almost everyone see in it good philosophy and tradition but give no credits to the fairy tale and fantasy around it.

i grew up going to church 1 or 2 times a year (christmas and sometimes easter) until 12 and never from this time.

faith creeps me , people can actualy believe what is obviously wrong at a point that nothing can change their minds sometimes.

Many times i talked with christians and muslims about their religion and i tried to see if it was not me being wrong but the universal god did it answer is not convincing for me.

i recently talked with a muslim but same arguments are godd for catholics or christians.
He was a creationist so i told him how can some buildinds on earth be older than the universe ?
He said we are wrong on their ages
How do you know it?
Because creation of the world is writen in the quran
How do you know it is true so ?
Because the quran is allah 's word
And how do you know that ?
Because it is written in the quran

at this point i argued than every single monotheist religion said that their god was the only one and that every texts and writtings of the others religions were said by their believers to be their god's word

but for him this is wrong because it is said in the quran that allah is the only god ( same for god in the bible and yawhe in the torah) and this man is in second year studying in university.

So believers have faith and there is a fun fact that some open minded religious people try to prove the existence of god. But faith is believing in an unproved fact so if we prove god exist religion and faith is destroyed and if someone proves the opposite the same happens , like i love to say in theses cases "face i win , tail you loose"

it is clear that the bible is part fairy tale part rewrittings of somes local legends (egyptians horus=jesus , sumerians , and babylonians) part wish full thinking and justification for massacre rapes and conquers for the old testament. for the new all was writted 100 to 200 year after the presumed jesus and completely made up at Nicea council keeping and cutting form the writings of 400 christians sect to forge an oppression weapon for the roman empire.

i hope my english is good and what i wrote make sense to you ( from a grammatical and logical point of view)
Monotheism makes people insidiously short-sighted, and they don't even see their circular reasoning concerning their precious book in question. Quite frankly, I think it's safe to say most of them are just idiots. I don't care what kind of education or IQ or degree a religious person has, anybody who plays the circular reasoning game with the Bible or Quran and believes these fairy tales is an idiot.
Welcome to the party! Your post is quite eloquent and enjoyable.
I want us to coexist.

Coexistence is fine, but your God still thinks I'm going to hell, and you follow that monster implicitly.
Agreed. religion has demonstrated time and time again that it is capable of harboring nothing but animosity, ignorance, gullibility, and corruption. oh yeah, and pedophilia. check out this link, everyone. The true nature of Catholicism.
They make a living off that delusion; that's fraudulent and should be prosecuted.

You might be hard pressed to find them a fair trial. Or by 'prosecution' do you mean a witchs' trial? We could have a believer hunt, round them up and have an auto-da-fé. Afterall, it's what they did to us and anyone who disagreed(Their idea of 'justice' is so screwed up.). Repay in kind, I say! Nail them up, I say.
I don't think we'll get very far.
the latest example i have comes from a christian intern who i ran into working in a pharmacy where i was helping out because the pharmacist in charge got sick.
one day we were discussing about Plan B and its sale as an OTC drug, and she herself told me a story about the discussion that happened in her class. Here it goes, " Professor comes into the room and asks the class to give him their opinion on Plan B, some kids agreed with it's sale while some did not and some were totally against it and considered it an abortion pill, keep in mind these students are half way done with their pharmacy school, in the second half of the class the professor goes over the mechanism of action and again poses the same question, now most of the students were okay with the sale of Plan B as an OTC drug and she was one of them who changed her mind, but still there were at least 4 students according to her that still would not agree to sell the drug and thought it came into conflict with their beliefs. So this pretty much sums up what i think about christians there are some who are so brain washed that we can't help them; there are some who still have capacity to learn but are still giving cover to the fundamentalists and also supporting their beliefs even if they don't believe them, just because they were raised that way. sam harris has written a couple of books on this topic.


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