Inquiring Christians want to know.... What do you think about us?...and Why?

I really want Christians to HEAR what YOU think of them....good, bad, or ugly.

Brief stories and examples would be most helpful for them to understand your perspective.

Since most Christians won't visit ThinkAtheist to read it, please submit your comments via this site: If you don't use my site...that's fine will just take me longer to read through and summarize the points.

Some disclaimers:

I am not here to attempt to save your soul or preach to you. I'm not here to set you up or attempt to trap you. I don't have any ulterior motives.

My mission is to help Christians live what we preach. Among other love one another...and that includes atheists and non-believers. I want us to coexist. We can't do that if Christians are adding fuel to the fire and visa versa. We must seek to understand and respect each other if we are to coexist in peace.

Again, I'm not trying to change YOU...I'm trying to change Christians...for everyone's benefit.

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Apparently he used to be atheist himself. So... maybe he feels a little compassion for our plight. I mean, Christians can be humanitarians, or good people, however misguided.
I doubt he was an atheist in the same manner that many T|A folk are. I doubt he feels anything for our plight. But, I do agree that Christians can be good people. But, not good enough to defy their god by doing some community outreach with hell-bound people. Good Christians obey their god.
Haha... well, I can say, as a full-on exChristian, that it is possible for Christians to have atheist friends, to feel for them, and reach out to them as genuinely as they are able. I dated an atheist guy while I was Christian... didn't think of him as a bug or even a project. Actually, I think there were a few atheists in the groups I traveled between. It didn't phase me. And... I can show you some old myspace blog posts if you want... I was often chastising Christians for being so judgmental and hateful.

He may not have been atheist in the same manner we are, but I guarantee I was Christian in the same way he is. I wouldn't defend him if I didn't think he was an alright guy. :D
Okay, you convinced me that he may have no ulterior motives. Perhaps I am being too cynical.
Having no ulterior motives does not mean that one is harmless, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
True. The DoT really should start paving with something else.
Well, I never said he was harmless per say, only that he was attempting to persuade Christians to be nicer and more humane to atheists. If we're all sending notes about why we don't like them, that might have the opposite affect. All I'm sayin' is I appreciate the effort Brad is making, but don't know if it will work out the way he wants. ie the road to hell is paved with good intentions, indeed.
I liked that one Reggie. God commands me to love you....I'm working on that real hard. :-)
I liked that one Reggie. God commands me to love you....I'm working on that real hard. :-)

I think it a horrid thing to be forced to "love" another that you do not love. How can such a thing be expected? Showing respect, courtesy, civility, etc. are things that can be expected in human interactions. But love is commanded? Either you love someone or you don't. It is not a deliberate act that we can control at will. You can fake it, but then you are being deceitful. And your god commands you to not do that, either. Sounds like he set you up for failure.
I think Jesus knew the human condition all too well. Speaking globally...isn't our natural instinct to seek self-gratification? Go after what's best for us? How many relationships are you aware of where the failure was due to none of us having the capacity to love selflessly for any consistent period of time...or when times were tough, etc..

When Jesus says "A new command I give one another". He wasn't forcing us to love one another. Wasn't he just saying essentially "why can't you just get along? stop bickering, stop arguing. Just love each other!" I believe he was saying it's not enough to just be polite to each other. We should genuinely love each other.

It's possible he just had the right philosophy here. What's the easiest way to be at peace with someone who hates you? Throw down your weapon, say look...I don't hate you, I don't want to fight. Let's just love each other....let's be friends.

How do you stop revenge killing? You be the first to NOT take revenge when someone kills your family member.

His command is an ideal that we strive for as best we can. (regardless of the source).
Ha! This is very true!
Beware of the Christian in sheeps clothing. With religion there is always an ulterior motive. His is to get us to go to his website and in front of a christian audience ask that question. Follow the tiny url and talk to him under his roof and in front of his peers and you'll get to the bottom of his agenda. He's looking for us to trip up and him to come as "the all understanding and compassionate because I'm christian saviour" who is trying to show us the way. Look at the apparently harmless words he uses "We know you think we're nuts, crazy, unintelligent, delirious, hallucinating... or all of the above. I used to be an atheist (13 years)... so trust me when I say I know what you think" witht that he has already insulted all religions in OUR behalf, he is putting negative words in our mouths and we are letting him, then he goes on to say "All I ask is that you keep the profanity down to a minimum. I can handle it" HE IS LOOKING for someone to take his bait!!! He is not a nice christian trying to get us together, he is a horrible person that is putting negative words in our mouths to then try to tell the rest of us that we harbour negative feelings and animosity (that is what he said to me on HIS website). Carefull children!


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