Inquiring Christians want to know.... What do you think about us?...and Why?

I really want Christians to HEAR what YOU think of them....good, bad, or ugly.

Brief stories and examples would be most helpful for them to understand your perspective.

Since most Christians won't visit ThinkAtheist to read it, please submit your comments via this site: If you don't use my site...that's fine will just take me longer to read through and summarize the points.

Some disclaimers:

I am not here to attempt to save your soul or preach to you. I'm not here to set you up or attempt to trap you. I don't have any ulterior motives.

My mission is to help Christians live what we preach. Among other love one another...and that includes atheists and non-believers. I want us to coexist. We can't do that if Christians are adding fuel to the fire and visa versa. We must seek to understand and respect each other if we are to coexist in peace.

Again, I'm not trying to change YOU...I'm trying to change Christians...for everyone's benefit.

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Delusional, irrational, non-scientific and as a result, dangerous.
Thanks for everyone's posts on this discussion. I think it's run it's course, so I'm going to close it for now. I've gotten a lot out of it. Learned a lot from all of you.

I've posted a summary of what I've learned from you on my site.

If anyone else has opinions to share, you can email me at or post to my site.
Or feel free to send me a direct message to my TA profile.

I do have some follow-up questions to ask that could be interesting discussions...stay tuned.
Here is an important update:

As a result of all the great feedback and opinions of Christianity this discussion created, I have re-launched my Changing the Face of Christianity website: Check it out.

I've highlighted the most significant negative stereotypes that us Christians create: such as Christian hypocrisy, Christian intolerance, Christian judgmentalism, and Christian homophobia.

Thanks for all your input. Reminder about my organization's mission: Reversing Christian intolerance, hypocrisy, homophobia, judgmentalism, and other negative Christian stereotypes, by helping Christians to be more like Jesus Christ.
Thanks for your great website. I suppose you mean that you want Christians to be more like the Jesus described in the Gospels - that Jesus is mostly myth.
I'll agree with your first point. YES, I'm working to help Christians be more like the Jesus described in the Gospels.

On the second point, the Jesus Seminar has made an attempt to position the gospels as myth, but when they take an entire chapter of a gospel and attribute the only actual words of Jesus to be words like "the, is, I tell you, etc...", (e.g. only words without any significance to the text) they are largely discredited.

It would be like me starting the "Darwin Seminar" and saying the only thing that Darwin REALLY said was "Galapagos is an island, through a series of random, common, I observed a colony of ants", etc.

But, I'm sure we'll continue to disagree on that point.

No worries. I think 50% agreement is 50% more than Christians and non-Christians usually get in a conversation...I can live with that :-).
Holy cow....I never would have believed that Christians were more open minded than atheists! :-)

My efforts have actually been very well received, and I've gained support within my church and public support is growing. There are many people like me inside our faith which are committed to living our faith and the imitation Christians they see is also very disturbing to them.

Now, I'm not naive. I don't plan on being popular with the entire church body. Those that want to continue to preach hate will certainly tell me what they think about me. But if/when they do, we'll all see their true colors.

Jesus wasn't very popular for shaking things up in the Jewish community either. I just hope I'm not crucified for it :-).

Take care. Brad


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