You know, I really hoped that if there was any silver lining to the untimely passing of Senator Kennedy it would be that it would unite congress in achieving his life's dream and passing health reform WITH the public option.

Then I remember who we're dealing with here.

Already Republicans are chomping at the bit to start saying "oh if only Teddy were here, we could get this done." They are trying to paint the picture of Kennedy as a moderate - heck, he bordered on being conservative!!! We've seen it already from McCain, Hatch, and Judd Gregg and it's barely been 48 hours. I suppose that's plenty of time for Republicans to start revising history a bit. Truth is Edward Kennedy was as fiercely liberal as they come. He's been quoted as calling himself "the definition of an American liberal." And most American liberals would whole-heartedly agree. For the Republicans to now stroll along and attempt to hijack his legacy and - even worse - use it to justify their attempts to destroy his dream of universal health care in America may just be their most disgusting act to date.

I guess they've forgotten that for the past 20 years Ted Kennedy HAS been active in the senate, trying to get health care reform through, only to have every attempt squashed by their party. I guess they've forgotten that RIGHT NOW, AS WE SPEAK there is a Kennedy-authored health reform bill, called The Kennedy Bill, which every single Republican in the senate has voted against (including the 3 "if only Teddy was here" asshole hypocrites I mentioned above).

Every day that passes the Republican party disgusts me more and every day they push me further away from my current political title for myself of "independent" and further into the corner of the Democratic party. John McCain, Judd Gregg, and - you repugnant fuck that has the gall to call yourself Ted Kennedy's "friend" - Orin Hatch, you all make me sick.

At least there is one possible silver lining, that being that the passing of Edward Kennedy will unite the Democratic party to tell the Republicans to go fuck themselves and get this thing done. Gentlemen, it's time to grow a fucking backbone and make the Liberal Lion's lifelong dream come true. Don't fuck this up.

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This comes across in such a stoic manner. Don't you have any emotion in you Sabre?

Seems to me that the discussions I've had with Republicans has been that yes the system is broken. But they hold on to a private fix option because it's too expensive publicly. The disconnect between me and their opinions is simply that I'm O.K. with taking a 10% tax hit and getting the money back out of my employer. (Easy for the self-employed) They scream no new taxes and can't fathom the idea that public is cheaper worldwide.

It's political Dogma that smaller is better. I'm a Libertarian, but that doesn't mean that it's across the board or that I can't diverge and think for myself at times.
Health care reform is something that draws a great deal of emotion from me. Me and my girlfriend are in one of the most raped states in America, New York. Between the 2 of us we pay roughly $500/mo for health insurance - and that's on one of those rip off "Health Savings Account" plans with a $2000 annual deductable for her and the kids and $1000 for me (which, if you're unfamiliar with HSA insurance basically means that even though Blue Cross/Blue Shield collects nearly $200 biweekly from her and $50 biweekly from me they don't have to pay a penny back until we've spent at least $2000/$1000 out of our HSA account within the year. Of course our employer only contributes $20 biweekly to that account so it'll take nearly 2 years to even have that much in there.) We're not married so we can't even get all 4 of us on one of the plans, she has her insurance that covers her and the kids, I have my own. Between the 2 of us we pay $6000 a year for health insurance. For all of that if there was a REAL emergency in the next year or so we'd still be fucked because I only have about $300 in my HSA account and she has $~600 in hers. If something were to happen to her or one of the kids we'd have to come up with $1400 out of our own pockets before BC/BC would contribute a single PENNY to pay for expenses. And we've got it good compared to most Americans.

We can't buy a house right now because her credit is absolutely SHOT from medical bills dating back to before she had insurance and my income alone wouldn't earn us enough of a loan based on my debt-to-income ratio. We'd have to come up with a way to pay off the nearly $9000 in medical bills on her credit report before a bank would even consider us. We can't do that, we don't have the income. We live comfortably but we're your average middle-class American family living paycheck to paycheck and if we're lucky we'll have a spare $50 after bills and other expenses to toss into our modest savings account. In the long run there's a good chance she'll have to join the long and ever-growing list of Americans who've had to file for bankruptcy due to medical bills they simply can not pay.

Our HR department has already warned us to expect the health insurance premiums to take a big jump next year.

We're slowly being bled dry by America's health care system. We live comfortably now but 4-5 years under the current system and that will most definitely not be the case.

So yeah, you could say I get a bit fired up when it comes to the topic of health care in America...
My wife has a great plan that is around $1100 a month for the two of us. I had one as a member of a union. So in reality the insurance industry was getting over $2000 a month from us for a few years. We had great care, still do. The reality is that there are tons of people that don't have adequate care. The plan's that some have isn't care, it's insurance but assures you of nothing. Others can't buy coverage at any price due to pre-existing conditions. They can't change jobs... it's just a cluster.
I'm one of the people whom will likely lose some level of care under a socialized plan. I'm absolutely OK with that because the system makes profit off of choosing to let people die. We've take apart for profit systems that harm the greater good our entire history. We have one more industry that has proven that the greater good does not fit with their mission.


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