Ted Haggard has started a-new with his church, He's giving interviews and seeing tremendous growth. If you don't recall who Ted Haggard is, well, good for you. But here's a recap. Former Leader of the National Evangelical Association with 30 million Members. Former Head of the New Life Church with 14,000 members. Author. Had access to President Bush. Married with Children, oh, and was involved with a male prostitute on a regular basis, took meth, his church settled a case for 100's of 1000's of dollars in regards to a second consensual gay relationship. Not exactly a moral or traditional religious leader.

In this interview he seems to be stating that his new church members are a bevy of dirt bags. He seems to be stating that he doesn't need to have lived life as a example for others. He seems to be stating that sexuality is something that you can turn on and off like a light switch. If you just correct those issues of abandonment, or whatever his specific issue was, you won't like penis anymore. I'm not much for penis, but I'm guessing that if I try really hard, with all my might, I'm not going to be able to not be attracted to women anymore. I have a hunch that if you are gay or bi, dropping these feelings would be just as difficult. 

Mr. Haggard, you may fool some of your parishioners. You may fool some random folks. But you won't simply fool yourself and you'll be doomed to either repeat your mistakes or live a tortured life. If you want to help these people, and you truly care about them, you'll recognize publicly that you are a man whom will always battle with your sexuality. You can even turn it into a parable story about commitment to family if you will. Turn it into forgiveness. But the path you are taking is dangerous for those members whom are gay and don't know how to deal with it. If you could ever read this Mr. Haggard, you should be asking yourself this question... How many young members took their lives when you had the big church? How many of them may have been dealing with being gay in a conservative world? One is too many. If you really want to do good work, you should be a beacon to them and not deny who you are. Many will pay the price, and for what... popularity? 

I know that it's odd to have an Atheist direct you to a ministry, but I'd much rather see young gay Christians survive into adulthood rather than die over dogma.    

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I watched Richard Dawkins' interview with him, and it was absolutely hilarious. Ted Haggard is truly insane and dreadfully misinformed.
He's certainly living a public lie at the moment. It's not a repeat of history or anything like that.
Oh, definitely closeted.
I really cannot understand why Ted Haggard wants to show his face. The coverage in UK freethinker.co.ukhas been vast, as on the internet of course.
Everyone knows, although some choose to ignore this, that he, as does the various leaders on tv channels, etc, asking for money, and more money this is their only objective..
We all know there are the followers who just follow, but surely they know what Mr.Haggard is.
I also believe a lot of these so called religious men, demonize gays , as deep down they know they are gay and find this a way of denying their own sexuality, why I do not know.
Please live and let live, no pejudice please..
He's a bad man. He deceiving others for money and personal gain. However, I have to believe that he is probably personally very tortured. He probably hates who he really is because he most likely does honestly believe in the Good Book and he knows he's homosexual through and through. He's a bad man who believes in a bad book.
I live in Colorado Springs, so he has, or had, quite an influence here. Anyway, the other day I saw a few business cards for his new church at my favorite local breakfast place. Perhaps I'll grab a card and head down to his new church and see what shenanigans are up...
They way he describes the congregation you might want to pack some heat!
it will be the same as the old congregation, only convinced they're actually saving the poor souls who've wandered. it really is sickening to know all these "good" christians will brow beat themselves as well as others even harder now in order to be more like Jesus. Real dirt bags don't go to church.
Don't you love the "wandered" term? But Atheists are closed-minded.


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