Does anyone else get very annoyed with the Tim Tebow overblown religious ties when they do well. He threw for 316 yds and all the Xians are referencing John 3:16 to it. With all the horror in the world...suffering, dying, etc. I think it is ridiculous for anyone to say that God had a hand in this.

How do you all deal with these pious Tebow Xians?

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This seems apropos: Did Jesus Intervene?

The opinion that a being (if it existed) with sufficient power to create THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE would give a shit who wins a sporting event on a watery planet orbiting one of the billions of stars in the arm of one of the  billions of galaxies in that universe strikes me as the very height of hubris.

kevin-carter-vulture   I guess the God of the bible would rather watch football then help this child. 

I guess God caught Tim Tebow masturbating  during the last week, because God, AKA "The Game Fixer," fixed up Tim with an ultra-embarrassing 45-10 spankfest at the hands of Tom Brady last night.

I'm not a foot ball fan, but even I watched the Pats destroy the Broncos.  I have to say I feel a little smug about it, being a heathen New Englander and all.

Here's one you should all enjoy - it's Jimmy Fallon, playing David Bowie, singing as Tim Tebow, or, Tebowie!

pax vobiscum,

Sorry folks, I went back to watch it again, and this was plastered over the screen - SOPA strikes early.

"This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

I should have copied it while I had a chance, but who knew? - would that make me a pirate? Arrrrrgh!

pax vobiscum,

Has anyone else noticed that you can rearrange the letters of "Tim Tebow" into "Sanctimonious bigot"?

Has anyone else noticed that you can rearrange the letters of "Tim Tebow" into "Sanctimonious bigot"?

@ Kara - LOL!

My two cents, for what it's worth.

You guys don't know the half of it. As a Colorado native and Broncos fan this has been a trying season.

They all "BELIEVE" he's the next Elway. Any criticism from Elway and they cry about how Elway is just jealous of Tebow's skills, and how he doesn't want Tebow to break his records, seriously? The only record he seems to be working on consistantly it the most 3 and outs in the league. I think I would need a 10-15 year career to make a comparison to Elway.

43% "BELIEVE" it was gods devine intervention that they won this season, seems even higher here. (Not the horrible teams we've had on the schedule(Tebow didn't beat single team with a winning record in the regular season), all the injured key players on teams we've had to play, or the defense keeping awful opponents to just 10-15 point).

When they win it's soley Tebow.

When they loose John Fox, Elway, Mike McCoy, or the player that dropped the pass, fumbled the ball, etc. need to be fired. Even then if we loose he is such a great person and roll model so it doesn't matter.

And then there is the whole the team plays harder for him. Sure Champ Bailey plays harder now that Tebow is on the team, give me a break.

I mean the guy plays horrible for 55 minutes and the only reason we still have a chance is cause the other teams have been just as awful offensively inept as us and the defense has kept the games close enough for him to be able to win with one good scoring drive.

For the most part my grief has been that SO many love him just because he is a vocal devout christian, and very little else matters.  I so hope they draft another quarterback.

Sorry folk, had a seasons worth of frustration to blow off.

I watch a great variety of sports and its mainly the American sport stars but also some of the British athletes are also in the trend of when winning an event be it boxing,athletics,etc thanking God.They seem to think God has actually helped them to win.Not for being (blessed might be the wrong word)lucky to be born with certain genes that have given them a better standing for a certain sport than others,all the training they put themselves through to get to the top of which ever sport they chose,the self-belief they have to win.It all comes together for these people on certain days or nights in these events.Then in the post interview they go and spoil it all by starting the interview with "well, I'd like to thank God for....." I just find it so frustrating,why aren't they just pleased for themselves when at the end of the day they are the ones who put the hard work in. 

There is no "dealing" with them.  The thing I don't  understand is why they can't see that giving their god credit for a sports thing only trivializes their god.  If their god can't handle the horror in the world, what makes you think he has a hand in your throwing a pass or winning a game.

He should make a throw of 66 yards, that way people can reference Mathew 6:6 and guilt themselves into shutting up. Or we could wait for the Pats' to win.


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