Teaching the difference between evolution and intelligent design to 10 year olds.

Im a Science teacher in a foreign country working in a christian school. Sounds great ay? Its not. Im surrounded by uneducated bible bashers who know nothing about Christianity. And thats the teachers! In fact the kids are actually smarter because they haven't had too much of it drilled into them yet, and they are lucky enough to have a free thinking teacher like me to advise them to see through the BS. But I have to tread carefully.

I just wondered how you guys would tackle this issue of Intelligent design vs evolution. My kids are only 10 years old so its not like im going into hardcore. Just the basics. Thanks.

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I get that a lot - well, at least the crock o' part --

Get Richard Dawkins - Magic of Reality.

A little bit much for 10 year olds.  I just downloaded the iPad version for my nine year old and it was a bit much for her but I know over the next few years we can read it together.

Good Luck.  Thank the universe for teachers like you.

 in a foreign country

I assume foreign means foreign to the USA?

how you guys would tackle this issue of Intelligent design vs evolution. My kids are only 10 years old

To start with, I think 10 years old might be a bit young to bring up evolution. I remember learning about it in grade 8 or 9 at 13 or 14 years old and I didn't really get it until years later. What is the curriculum? If evolution isn't on it, it might be better to wait and just develop their scientific minds in the meantime. 


Bringing up ID in a science classroom is exactly what the creationists want. I wouldn't bother bringing it up at all unless specifically asked and even then explain why it is not a valid theory. When using "evidence", try to make sure you use photographs for evolution, not diagrams, definitely not illustrations. Illustrations are what you typically find in children's bible studies books (you will most likely have to resort to these illustrations when talking about ID).

Creationism is someone deciding when your turn is

Evolution is reaching into the hat and making a random drawing.

Evolution doesn't play favorites, creationism does.

Hi Rich. The I.D. defenders are heavy handed with young minds. Video (my page). Would a few prints of this help? It has been posted here a few times.

Dear Folks:

After a year of anthropology, years ago, I still wonder about details, but I think it is a good gamble on Darwinism.

It is a lot to understand and get your mind around, are young children even capable of getting it without resorting to wrote memorization or indoctrination? I think children this young, could be exposed to the ideas, but out of intellectual honesty we should not demand so much of them. I think we need to help children 'grow into' the vastness of the world around them, and not force them into one model too soon.

As a Big Brother, I worked with a young boy(8 years old) who came from a very religious family. We took field trips to a local fossil deposit, the Oregon coast to look at the sand stone clips and look for fossils, and even made sure he had the experience to ride an elephant at a circus. He was full of ideas, questions, and 'solutions' from his religious upbringing.

At the fossil deposit, I showed him the layers of shells and emthy layers.What happened here? He said that is was because of the 'flood', but what about all these other layers? Were they other 'floods'? What about the Dentalium shells in a thin layer, these still exist in the ocean. Were they on the Ark to be saved?

He suggested that the dinosours died in the flood also, but I brought up other ways animals could die (this was before the Alvarez model became public).  

I think the world around him became much more vast and mysterious and helped him to ask different questions.

I lost touch with this young boy, after two years. Children Services moved him around 5 times over this period, and my life was turning to crap after a divorce, time to move on. I do hope something positive came from it..;o(. 

I think the best we can hope for James, is to give them the tools to think analytically, and hope they'll take those back into their religious homes with them.

"Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense."
-- Chapman Cohen --

"God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance, that gets smaller and smaller as time goes on."
-- Neil Degrasse Tyson --


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