Teaching the difference between evolution and intelligent design to 10 year olds.

Im a Science teacher in a foreign country working in a christian school. Sounds great ay? Its not. Im surrounded by uneducated bible bashers who know nothing about Christianity. And thats the teachers! In fact the kids are actually smarter because they haven't had too much of it drilled into them yet, and they are lucky enough to have a free thinking teacher like me to advise them to see through the BS. But I have to tread carefully.

I just wondered how you guys would tackle this issue of Intelligent design vs evolution. My kids are only 10 years old so its not like im going into hardcore. Just the basics. Thanks.

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It might be a good idea to start with teaching them the vocabulary and some of the basic concepts that surrounds evolution. For a 10 year old even going over the idea of what exactly is meant by species might be a good idea. At 10 I'd focus more on just getting the kids to understand what evolution is and how it works on a basic level. About the most that's really necessary in terms of intelligent design is the point out that the scientific theory of evolution doesn't require a god. Intelligent design on the other hand involves god at some point. Also I think it's important to get the children to understand the evolution only explains why we have such a diversity of species it does not explain how the very first organisms came into existence.

Also games are a good idea; here's a link with a lot of ideas for games/activities about evolution.

says it all really....

I sooooooooo hope that is true. Clever kid. I imagine the parent going mad with frustration and storming out the room, like a child. Well, not this child anyway.

That's great.. LOL

God makes less sense than a dancing purple dinosaur.

Bring in a rabbit and teach them how a rabbit eats and digests its food.

Then proceed to make fun of "intelligent" design.

Have I missed a joke? or is it just funny to watch a rabbit eat?

If you want to avoid the shitstorm, don't focus on evolution vs ID. Teach the kids about the scientific method, the meaning of theory, hypothesis & unsupported assertion. Once you have that drilled in, then you can simply present the (reams & reams of) evidence for evolution, and contrast it with the (jack shit) evidence for ID, and the relative abilities of either to explain what anyone can see around us. If the kids have the cognitive tools to tell facts from bullshit, they can make their own conclusions, and you'll have given them the skills they need to avoid frauds & hucksters throughout their lives.

Artor - RE: "Teach the kids about the scientific method, the meaning of theory, hypothesis & unsupported assertion."

That is VERY sound advice!

Have you suggested to the other teachers that they try teaching "Stork Theory" in their Sex-Ed classes?

Use me - I'm a perfect (at least I think so!) example of an evolutionary transition between reptiles and modern birds.

That makes you the original crocoduck.


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