Legislation has recently passed in Tennessee that will allow teachers and students to question current "controversial theories" like evolution, climate change, stem cell research, cloning, etc. This bill will also give protection to teachers who put forth religious beliefs and creationism as a viable and factual alternative to evolution. Here is a link to more information.




I just wanted to see what input and opinions you guys have on this. I am a member of Americans United for Seperation of Church and State, so these issues are important to me and I pay a lot of attention when bills like this are passed.


I must add a plug here. Check us out, stay informed, and get involved at www.au.org

In my opinion, this legislation is a direct violation of church/state seperation. Also, I am sure everyone here is familiar with the term "captive audience'? Meaning these children have no choice but to remain in the classroom and be subjected to the religious nonsense this bill would allow. Well, feel free to give me your opinions.

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I live in Tennessee, and I am now convinced we have the dumbest, theocratic asswipes as reps and a governor.

To top it off, I know I, and several of my PhD colleagues, wrote to our reps and the governor telling them why we (those who actually use science in our professions) oppose this legislation.  The governor said he would likely pass the legislation due to "overwhelming support by the lawmakers" (as I thought, overwhelming support by our scientifically illiterate, theocratic dumbass lawmakers).

I am glad my kids are old enough to think the TN reps and governor are idiots for themselves, but I feel sorry for the next generation of Tennessee school kids.  They may be just as scientifically illterate as the constituents and lawmakers who supported this legislation - they will likely be working for foreign companies/bosses, not starting their own competitive businesses or competing on a global level (and in TN we're already working for and pandering to the likes of Nissan and Volkswagen).

Tennessee - land of theocrats and scientific illiteracy.

I saw something on Reddit about this, a reporter that spoke with the author of the bill that interviewed him.  I think the quotes tell you everything you need to know to get involved.


Don't have much to add, I'm horrified.  I hope I wake up and it's all a bad dream.  Just in case I'll get involved.

This is pretty much how I feel about this and other similar laws:

I can't believe you don't know one of the top atheist memes.

Anyway, does this bill also allow the teachers to question "controversial theories" like the one that suggests the earth is round and moves around the sun? I mean what's up with that whack, right?

I'm curious as to who will employ these kids who have been taught this way. If you believe evidence is less important than faith, you may struggle in any kind of investigative work.

Imo, primary school should prepare kids for secondary school, secondary school should prepare kids for either university or life (preferably both), and university should teach specialist educations for more specific professions.

As the cornerstone of modern biology, evolution should be introduced in high school.

Kind of off topic but it's my opinion, you asked for it :P

One step forward. Two steps back.

This is too ridiculous. This has got to stop. I'm done with being apathetic about voting. I'm glad I renewed my voters' registration this year.

At times like these, I'm so happy to actually live in a country where even our (deeply) religious politicians wouldn't dare to violate the separation of church and state in such a way.

At times like these, I'm so happy to actually live in a country (USA) where even our (deeply) "non-believer" politicians wouldn't dare to question the separation of church and state in such a way. [/sarcasm]

The 1925 “monkey trial” was held in, let me see, where was that?  Oh yeah! TENNESSEE.  So what else is new?


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