Teacher Fired For Using the word "Vagina": Censorship Gone Too Far?

A teacher lost her job for using the word Vagina in a lecture about art history for 8th graders. Should she really have lost her job for using the correct term for female anatomy? Why is the word Vagina deemed vulgar? Censorship in schools gone too far?


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I think it is totally stupid and immature. I use the "correct terms" with my 6 year old. And they be stressin' about 8th graders? (many of which are not even virgins?) c'mon...how stupid!

I think we should let all the pot smokers out of prison and start locking up people for stupidity. They are the real dangers to society. Don't believe me? How do you think Donald Trump got where he is?...because of stupid people.
If we use the proper anatomic terms, then kids might grow up more knowledgible about their health.

I keep thinking "stupid" is some sort of plant or illegal drug that people are using that I'm not aware of. There certainly seems to be an epiudemic of it right now.

Then again, I get the feeling that a certain political party does IQ tests before someone can vote in its primaries. Anyone with an IQ above that of the candidates can't vote.

A generation raised on Barbie and Ken dolls which are smooth down there.


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