Yes. In my countries education system it is banned to teach evolution. I was stumblingUpon some websites and I found this:

I started self-learning evolution, since I know very little things of it, most of them superficially.

I admit I do not fully believe in evolution, since I do not understand it. I know people know it works, but that is not sufficient for me. I will try to look for myself for now in the free time. The evolution 101 part is pretty interesting.

I was wondering if you guys might know better sources from which I could understand. I do not require complex and bulky websites, but rather efficient and easy to understand ones.

Until now this website looks OK. Maybe I will have some questions and I will post them here, since T/A has a high biology index, as I see it.

Again, religion intervenes in my education.

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Understanding Evolution, in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Climb up a banana tree, as high as you can
2. Pick a ripe banana on the tree
3. Let the banana fall
4. Climb the tree down, observe the results
5. (Optional) Step on the banana, observe the results

Ooops, sorry, you said evolution, I thought you meant gravity.
Ok, here's the basic run down: DNA is composed of four basic components, Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine, and Guanine, now, I don't know the details of this experiment, but in the 1950's an experiment involving chemicals found when Earth was young, when added to electricity, produced Adenine. It also produced the rest of the components needed, on to the details. DNA strands first started out as what is called RNA, or a single strand rather than a double. The strands that could survive and multiply themselves would grow and absorb those who couldn't. Eventually the RNA merged into DNA. Give or take A LONG TIME the first bacteria began to form in the ocean, (Google Primordial Soup), and the same process of survival started. For humans, we evolved from a common ancestor, and through the same survival of the fittest scenario, this is what happened.
Since Berkeley is my Alma Matter, I am partial to their paleontology department. I'm sure there are easier to understand web sites out there, but you have probably stumbled upon one of the best with

Please feel free to ask the members here any questions you may have about evolution. There is actually a huge wealth of combined knowledge right here at TA!



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