Often you see people in a graveyard talking to departed loved ones.  Being an Atheist, I do not believe in any form of life after death.  I don't believe that we have souls that go on living after our body dies.  This being said, do you ever find yourself speaking to the air in a graveyard?

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I'm entitled to my opinion, and you are entitled to grieve in the way your culture does. Turning to eastern philosophy will give you another point of view. 

I'd agree that Gabriela oversteps when declaring that someone who talks with departed loved ones is scared of death. I don't think that logic follows regardless of whether you believe in life after death or not.  It could be the case, but it doesn't necessariyl follow. Perhaps eastern philosophy is subject to differing rules of logic.

Reggie because is very logical to talk to your dead friends just as is very logical to talk to Jesus ;). Oh wait! maybe logic can only be used to counter Religion and not all myths.

And you missed the point completely. You may have read my comment, but it appears that you didn't comprehend it.

No, the one who doesn't comprehend is you. Christians pray to feel better about life and death. You talk to death people to feel good about life and death. Let's leave HYPOCRISY behind please.

Okay, okay, I wasn't trying to be mean to you.  So let me explain my original comment that you still don't understand. You stated that anyone who needs to talk to departed loved ones is scared of death.  It was in your first comment of this entire thread.

Someone who needs to talk to a death person is someone who's scared of death, and that's the most ridiculous fear, because you will have to face it, sooner or later.

My comment was that this isn't necessarily true.  It is easy to imagine someone who is not afraid of death "talking" to dead loved ones for a variety or reasons.  And those reasons don't need to be right or wrong or logical in the least in order for the underlying premise to remain true and thereby render your assertion false. 

If I am taking your own words too literally, then please let me know.

Of course I didn't know where you were coming from since you didn't address your comment directly to me, but you were mentioning my name. 

Now that you are expressing your views with me I understand your point. I agree. I didn't explain in much detail and only wrote 2 sentences that are open to several different interpretations.

This is my bad because I'm not explaining what exactly do I mean by "Eastern Philosophy", I could even be talking about Reincarnation, or something else. 

Fact: Atheism was first mentioned in Eastern Philosophy, they have many great thinkers that give us great insight on how to face death from an Atheist point of view. Which is not t, I guess, the American way of sitting in a graveyard and begin rambling (sorry but I have only seen and heard this as something so serious from Americans I never knew it was so delicate subject).

However you are adding words like  me saying is ILLOGICAL or WRONG. When I said is NORMAL and is HUMAN NATURE. I also said that is not WEAKNESS. And that fear is a positive feeling/emotion.

There's NOTHING wrong to talk to your dead friend or relative, and imagine what would they say. As there is nothing wrong to talk with Jesus. Nothing.

In fact, we all have monologues. This is FINE. Is part of our dualistic view of the world. 

In my personal opinion, and what worked for me was studying other points of view of the subject. Not seeing it as if I have to come in terms with it, but as I should OWN it. Grow with it. 

Sitting in a graveyard and talking to yourself is not a crime (I reckon is not "normal" in my culture, we do the whole catholic thing explained before).

But what is the difference in you that talk to the death, and the christian that talks to an angel, virgin, saint, jesus, holy ghost, the father?

Don't they feel good too? 

But if you are an Atheist, I GUESS, you know the truth is better. That having a monologue aka prayer aka conversation, won't change facts.

Do talking to the death does helps face the fact you are on your own? Why? Then why not pray too...

I think is normal to miss them as hell. Is something to learn to live with. Maybe it will help you.  It didn't help me. Neither talking to god helped.

You want to judge me because I don't practice this. Go ahead. But I will never take it back. 


Praying, and talking to loved ones even after death, are certainly not the same thing at all.

I guess that you're the only true atheist here, right?

Um, how are they not the same thing? I think you have to have a pretty good understanding of why people pray... Talking to someone who's not there may be super effective for you, but it doesn't make it any less silly than prayer. They are equivalent in silliness and their silliness should be scrutinized equivalently.

However you are adding words like me saying is ILLOGICAL or WRONG. When I said is NORMAL and is HUMAN NATURE. I also said that is not WEAKNESS. And that fear is a positive feeling/emotion


I only introduced it as an example.  I was making the point that it doesn't matter the reason for the behavior.  Only that it was not solely and exclusively motivated by fear.

You want to judge me because I don't practice this. Go ahead. But I will never take it back

I only was pointing out one thing that I didn't agree with and you seemed hot to defend.  I'm not saying that talking to dead people is or isn't healthy.  That really depends on a lot of context that is irrelevent to the subject on what must motivate a person to do that. And I am not judging you.  I'm just saying that fear is not the only thing that can cause that behavior.




***Moderator's Edit***  No offense. Either that or you should pick up some books on psychology as a means of understanding that everyone shouldn't be expected to think as you do.

Again, speaking to a lost loved one as a means of helping deal with their death is NOT on par with praying. When one prays, they often believe god is listening. I don't think my friend is listening whenever I talk to him, and I can assure you I am not afraid of death...I just loved (and still love) my friend..It's no different than writing my feelings down on a sheet of paper when I'm angry or depressed and then throwing it in the trash. It's just something that helps some people.

So you stand there, and talk to this dead person, and what... you're so swept away with it's making you feel better that you wave away the fact that you're effectively acting like a 5 year old with dolls? I mean, no offense, I relish the opportunity to partake in silly rituals more than any atheist I know (religious studies major... you just learn to have fun with it after a while), but I call it what it is: advocating barbaric... no, probably pre-tribal ritualism.


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