Often you see people in a graveyard talking to departed loved ones.  Being an Atheist, I do not believe in any form of life after death.  I don't believe that we have souls that go on living after our body dies.  This being said, do you ever find yourself speaking to the air in a graveyard?

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I don't visit cemeteries on my own. The dead don't care and I don't feel the need to stand around and stare at a grave.

If I go to a cemetery, it is with someone else who also knew the deceased. And if we stand there, we'll talk to each other about the deceased; how he/she was when still alive, things one of us didn't know about them.

I've never felt the need to talk to things that cannot respond (with the exception of inanimate objects I'm angry at, sometimes one needs to vent). God was the last one I used to have any hope about responding, and he won't even answer his email.

Everyone has their own way to deal with death, this is mine.

I think Gabriela is somewhat correct, but habits are habits.  Sometimes, talking to yourself or at a wall or in front of a mirror about something that happened yesterday or will happen later that day will help that person a little understand and make sense of things.  

I had long hair, used to have to flip my head to the side every so often to get it out of my eyes.  After I got my hair cut very short, my head still made the movement sometimes for the next month even though there was no hair in my eyes.  

I also talked to my car a few days ago when I got into an accident.  I apologized to her, for this car is a she and I also named her :)  

Was this not logical for me?  Probably not, but it made me feel better.  

Dustin I think your point hits the nail on the head.  It seems like the others are attacking the wrong part of Gabriella's argument.  The real issue is that it assumes a definitive knowledge of modus operandi for every instance of speaking toward the dead.  Human motivations are much more complicated than this.  Not every person speaks to the dead out of fear of their death.  I don't even find that as a primary motivator for why it happens.  I think it has to do more with an emotional connection to the former reality of their existence being still strong and has not been severed by the total acceptance of the present totality of their non-existence.

Looking at some of the arguments against Gabriella did seem to reveal a few unintentional straw-man arguments against things she didn't say.  That only served to complicate things.  People seriously need to stop reading into arguments online.  Stick with what is written.

@John I agree with this People seriously need to stop reading into arguments online. This is gold :) Since there are some users that are insinuating I'm deniying evolutionary facts, as the importance of fear for self preservation.

I have had people do it to me too many times that I can't sit idly by when it happens to others and I notice it get excessive.  Those were indeed the two unintentional strawmen arguments about things you never said that I was talking about.

@John yes is like "I know you didn't say it, but that's what you think/want/insinuate/pretend/wish". Is incredible how many mind readers there are in this forum. Is normal to disagree what's not normal is making a mexican soap opera of it.

People seriously need to stop reading into arguments online.


Yeah, but on the flip side you did the same to me, so there's that.  I pointed out a simple logical flaw in one of your exlpicit statements and supported that point with some language/examples. You then accused me of trying to attribute those examples directly to your own words. Which I never did. You then went on to attack argumetns I was not making, had never made, and agreed with you on for the most part.


Is incredible how many mind readers there are in this forum

Of which you were one, apparently.  I'm not trying to be combatitive, just figuring that if the kettle is going to speak out about the color of the pot, then that the kettle could use a look in the mirror.

It is clear that she misunderstood you.  You did try multiple times to reinforce the point.  I don't think you added to her words.  There were others that did that.  In your case, I think the misunderstanding had to do with when your critique of the logic of her original statement was confused the concept of it being a logical process to justify speaking in a graveyard.

Dustin ;)

DUSTIN! Excellent metaphor I agree with it.

While I don't go to graveyards, I do *talk* to my grandparents.  I know they can't hear, aren't there and that there is no real connection.  The talking is for me.  I talk out loud because I miss them and miss speaking with them.  I was very close to them and they left a void.  I know I will never see them again, that they aren't waiting to be reunited with me or even are with each other.  It's like speaking to myself in way and I find that I don't miss them as much when I do.

I am scared of dying.  The thought of being no more is scary, and maybe I would be comforted if I thought there was *life* after death.  But, I know better and I will simply cease being.  It is a very definite end and I guess that the thought of not being alive gives me pause.

This being said, do you ever find yourself speaking to the air in a graveyard?

Not in a graveyard, no. But I do believe talking to yourself (or to someone who isn't there) can be very therapeutic. It allows you to view your own feelings from another perspective. I wouldn't recommend doing it in a crowded public place though, lol.


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