Often you see people in a graveyard talking to departed loved ones.  Being an Atheist, I do not believe in any form of life after death.  I don't believe that we have souls that go on living after our body dies.  This being said, do you ever find yourself speaking to the air in a graveyard?

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If the mark is something about being afraid of death... yeeeeaaahhhh. If the mark is chastising people for the senselessness of a particular act, nnnnot so much.

It doesn't matter, and your response here sounds more bitter than logical. Just because I choose to read fictional books from time to time doesn't mean that I believe they are real...they just offer something in the way of comfort, or maybe entertainment. Talking to the dead doesn't have to be all that different. Again, I don't think they are listening, but when I speak to them it makes me feel good. Maybe it just a way of reminding myself that I haven't forgot about them. It's better for me than moping around still three years after the fact. Who cares what one needs to do in order to deal with the death of a friend. I mean, until I say "I carry on full conversations with the dead/the dead speak to me", I assure ya you have no reason for concern.

It's about individual perspective. It makes me feel good to talk TO lost loved ones. For me it's nothing even remotely on par with prayer.

And yes, I already understand the important role death plays in life. I realize that it is just a part of life/etc.

I have no fear of death and sometimes I'll say something to my deceased father....usually a joke about mom or asking him to do something aout my favorite basketball team losing.  Does he hear me? No.   I do not fear death because I know there is nothing after death. I AM afraid of dying because that could end up being rather painful or unpleasant.  Speaking to the dead is just a person's way of trying to keep some type of connection. My mom and dad were married for 51 years.  She is alone in the house where they raised their children.  It is full of memories and sometimes you'll come across something of his, like a long lost sock of his.  Her chiding him that he never did learn to put things away is only a way to fill the silence or have the fleeting enjoyment of being able to nag him again!  It's, normal, it's natural, and psychologically sound.

It may sound weird, but I have visited the cemetary a few times since my good friend was burried there in September 2010. Yes, I am atheist. Yes, I believe that once we die, we're gone. It's as close as I can be to him now though. I know it's just his body in a box, and it's not Jeff... but it's oddly comforting to be near his body. He's been the hardest person for me to lose so far. I've been atheist since shortly before my 11th birthday so most people I've lost have been once I believed there is no afterlife. Sometimes I'll think about Jeff and imagine how a conversation would go if he were still here to talk to, but no, i don't converse with him in the cemetary as if i think he can hear me.

I talk to a deceased friend sometimes. Not because I believe he's listening, but because it makes me feel good to do so.

Exactly.  An Atheist knows, of course, that the dead person can't hear them, and are no longer in any pain - but for the people left behind it is a totally different matter. It makes the people left behind feel better in their grief of losing someone very special - it is a purge and also reinforcement for ones feelings. That's all. I wouldn't be fussed at whatever method one uses, as long as it helps them come to term with their grief and loss, which sometimes can be overwhelming.

Not really, no. My mother died recently and it was not under the best circumstances. I had lots of unresolved issues with her so I wrote a letter and put it in the coffin. I knew she could never have read it but it was more therapy for me to get over my grief and getting all my ideas and feelings down on paper. Other than that I have never 'spoken' to a dead person, and I wouldn't think they would be very lively conversation.

I keep all my dead friends in my garage for quick consultation.  Problem is they never agree on anything.

I keep all my dead friends in my garage for quick consultation. Problem is they never agree on anything.

Well, isn't that why you killed them in the first place?

I don't even remember anymore.  I think it had something to do with a goat, bottle of absinthe, and some confetti.

Motive: I'm guessing the goat had something to do with some arranged marriage dispute, leading to some sort of Montague-Capulet/Hatfield-McCoy style family feud...
Opportunity: The absinthe's prolly what allowed things to really escalate.
Means: Confetti. The world's silliest deadly weapon.

Sometimes i talk to my mother who died 3 years back due to "malpractice" (aka complete incompetence). i know she wont hear or talk back, but because she meant a lot to me and was a great person, It helps with the grieving process. Gabriellas post kind of riled me up so i feel the need to say that i am not afraid of death, just because you "talk to someone" after they die doesnt mean your afraid, It's more of a feeling of longing...


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