My daughter, who is the founder of the Atheist, Agnostic and Freethinkers group at her college, was invited to be a speaker at a Christian Evangelical Group.   At first she wasn't sure why they asked her, but later she found out that they wanted "outsiders" views, not because they were being open minded but because they wanted to see what they were up against when trying to convert people.

Anyway, she basically gave her talk about atheism and empirical evidence, etc. etc., was thanked and given a 50 dollar check.   After she left, the discussion continued.   


Weeks later, she gets a DVD in the mail.   It was the entire session taped, including the period after she left.   They had some negative and positive things to say about her and her beliefs, but the one thing that pissed my daughter off the most was that the speaker lied through her teeth about one point.


She said she offered my daughter a Bible study class and bragged that my daughter accepted and said she would LOVE to attend  the group that she was still "seeking".  With a smug self assured smile and lots of head nodding,  the woman received a round of applause from the fundies in the audience.   My daughter was absolutely  livid when she saw that.    The truth was, being a sociology major, she said she would attend from a sociological perspective,  to study the behaviors of the other attendees, but don't expect any kind of conversion."     She was absolutely fit to be tied and is considering doing something about it, but isn't sure what at this point. 


Another case of lying for Jesus.  

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never never trust a group of people that only want you there for their benefit, and then dont give you a chance to speak for yourself afterwords.


have you heard religious talk radio? every atheist they have on is treated great...that is until they are off the air, then every insult is fair game.

That is toally bogus! I don't have a clue what she should do about it, but I think it's absurd they did that! go figure. With every passing day I am becoming more and more of an anti-theist and it's because of crack pots like those!

CFI Toronto follows me on Twitter. If she creates a youtube video saying what happened, I will gladly tweet it. Also, I have done quite a bit of video editing, so if she wants, she can get a copy to me and I would happily put subtitles or voiceovers for her as long as she provides the wording. Most of all, I think it's important to include the name of the congregation so that they find it themselves and learn about the dishonesty of their bullshitting clergy person and have her publicly shamed.

I'll pass that information on to her.   Thanks.  

This is the most repulsive thing about religion to me. The complete and utter disregard for the truth, the willingness to misrepresent others' beliefs for their own gain, the complete lack of respect for others beliefs. And they say we're the "amoral" ones.


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