Ok Atheists: put your knowledge of Christianity to the test:

Finding Jesus Quiz.

If you get them all right, pass GO, collect $200 and a free entrance through the pearly gates :-)

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I will collect $160. Got questions 2 & 7 wrong.

Nope. Forgot to mention. If you are not perfect you go to jail, do not collect $200 and are thrown straight into the lake of fire lol

you are aware that atheists score highest on tests about religion and probably would on any other  tests except credulity.

Yes I know. That's why I thought it would be fun!

Quiz Master Belle...a rose by any other name..would quiz as sweet..

I got 3 out of 10 right and they were all guesses. The ending comments said, "Did you sleep through Sunday School?".... no I didn't go to Sunday School!!!!! Hahahaha

I got 9/10....mostly because I didn't pay attention to #10 and picked the red herring.


To be fair, its has a lot of questions that have no real answer...so I went with what I assumed they wanted.

WTF? This quiz has so little to do with Christianity. I have no idea why these details are important to anything other than local traditions.


Well, your religion IS tied to your geography.


This is the most rediculous quiz I've taken on a respectable news site. I only scored 6/10 because I've never heard of Belgians throwing oranges and I lived there for 5 years. It says "are you a bible scholar" at the beginning and in the end only one question is about the bible and it is an entirely trivial piece of data (how old was the oldest character on according to one of the books). I cannot imagine why any inteligent person would include oranges and omlets and peacocks and brooms in a Christianity test. Worse..none touch on theological questions and instead you are left with culturally idiosyncratic customs and one small piece of vatican trivia (again entirely unrelated to theology or important historical moments).

You've failed to properly test us and in the process I've learnt one important thing...never do a quiz on cnn.com

They shouldn't have called it a quiz on Christianity but something on the lines of knowing what different cultures do.

I know, right? I thought, "I've read the Bible! I'm so going to ace this!" and got 4/10 because who the heck would know all this? Certainly not an ex-Methodist from the Midwest.


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