An atheist friend of mine posted this on Facebook saying that she didn't agree with the FFRF trying to get this cross taken down. As a veteran and an atheist, I tend to agree for a couple reasons. First, I see it as simply a memorial to a fallen soldier and no more no less. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, this cross has been there for years and years. Why waste taxpayers dollars on the legal fight... I don't see it hurting anything.. Thoughts?

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And here I thought you'd once again accuse me of hijacking the thread --

I'm of two minds about it.

On one hand, this thing was put up back in 1972. I'm sure the city considers it a landmark. Also, I personally am not offended at the idea of a cross as a grave marker. It's just historical anachronism.

On the other side though, it's a matter of principle. If we make exceptions in one place, what other places would be making exceptions? What happens when these exceptions become the norm? Even though I can understand how a cross can be viewed simply as a grave marker, wouldn't there be a better icon for a memorial site for a veteran? I'd go with this:

It's instantly recognizable as a veteran's memorial and has the added benefit of scrubbing the subliminal Christian influence and replacing it with something more personal. I hope the people at the FFRF aren't just telling the city to take it down, but also giving them something better to replace it with (the article doesn't say either way).

I am totally against religious symbols being promoted on public property.  However, a cross on a grave in a church cemetery is not offensive.

I do think that there are more important things to focus on.

 However, a cross on a grave in a church cemetery is not offensive.

It's not on public property.

The more interesting question is whether a cross on a grave in a government cemetery (like say Arlington) would be an issue.

The military funeral and gravesite is a privelege/benefit extended towards military veterans, and in all so many cases the least we can do.

I'd personally be inclined to allow a cross provided it's expressly requested beforehand by the deceased, and non-Xians get their choice as well (and if I recall correctly the military has a wide variety to choose from, though nothing I would personally pick, a lot of the "atheism" ones looked trite to me).

Automatically putting a cross on some guy's grave by default would be completely unacceptable.  That sort of casual presumption that "oh of course everyone, except maybe a few perverts, is a Christian" is precisely what we are fighting against in the culture.

Perfect! You certainly deserve the title, Sagacious!

Thanks, Arch!

Hey - credit where credit is due --

BTW, I'll be stealing the photo - (shrugs) - it's what I do --

Eh, I just found it in a Google image search. So go ahead!

At least we got this

Ooh but there aren't any atheists in foxholes.  (barf)

Atheists dig a little deeper.

Wow! Just noticed how far this thread got. For a day or so after I posted this, noone had commented. I have been gone for the long weekend, and just saw all this! I really appreciate the thoughts conveyed here. While I certainly believe we should be keeping these things from going up new anywhere, I would think the FFRF has bigger fish to fry. As I said before I don't see any reason to spend more money taking it down. I know some people are offended by the cross, and to those people I would say "get over it" Way too many people get offended over little shit anymore. Political correctness run amok. Very few things offend me, certainly not a religous icon I don't happen to believe in. As I said though I understand the other argument, and appreciate that side of it also... Thanks for all the input!


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