An atheist friend of mine posted this on Facebook saying that she didn't agree with the FFRF trying to get this cross taken down. As a veteran and an atheist, I tend to agree for a couple reasons. First, I see it as simply a memorial to a fallen soldier and no more no less. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, this cross has been there for years and years. Why waste taxpayers dollars on the legal fight... I don't see it hurting anything.. Thoughts?

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Who are you responding to here?  Please use the reply button under what you are replying to OR at least an @so-and-so.  At least then we'll know who you are agreeing with.

You Stephen, and I did hit the reply button. Wasn't working, and the reply disappeared, which is why I answered twice. 

I was confused at you questioning me, what didn't you understand?

But xians think it is - that is the point - they think they have free rein, and get very upset when they are questioned. It is the arrogance of religions that upset me.

Your comment appears to be intended as a response to someone's post.  Whose?

The erection of these structures is in effect subliminal advertising. It serves as a form of subconscious reinforcement that you live in an environment where the religion of choice is a christian one. To allow these structures to remain only helps perpetuate the myth of Jesus and his reason for dying. Public property has to remain a fortress for secular freedom. Whether an inscription of the Ten Commandments or a scene of the nativity ALL religious displays have no place on public property. To permit religious structures to remain is in effect allowing discrimination to survive and persist. 

On the Supreme Court Frieze, Moses' beard covers up "thou shalt not" (לא) on each of these commandments so the text reads "murder" (תרצח), "commit adultery" (תנאף), and "steal" (תגנב).

You just can't make it up! 

As a soldier and an Atheist, I would be pissed if someone tried to put a cross in memorial to me. My id tags say "non-denom" for a reason.

With all due respect, no, you wouldn't - you'd be dead, and the dead don't get pissed.

Good point, I wrote that more of a figure of speech. I know I wont beable to be pissed when I'm dead. The best I can do is leave behind some kids who will be pissed for me xP

I knew that, just kibitzing --

I know what you mean about figures of speech.  I almost wrote "... I'll be damned if..." earlier on this thread and I thought about it and substituted a scenario of being boiled alive in raw sewage.


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