An atheist friend of mine posted this on Facebook saying that she didn't agree with the FFRF trying to get this cross taken down. As a veteran and an atheist, I tend to agree for a couple reasons. First, I see it as simply a memorial to a fallen soldier and no more no less. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, this cross has been there for years and years. Why waste taxpayers dollars on the legal fight... I don't see it hurting anything.. Thoughts?

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...but it is (alas) full of Christians, which I am sure is what she meant. 

I think I just used all caps last night to make the same point.

Suzanne I hope that's what you meant.

Steve, that's exactly where I got the idea....:D

@ Roger Wright,

Why would it matter when a religious symbol was placed on Public Property?  The timing of a violation of the Bill of Rights is irrelevant to the violation being committed.  The sooner the wrong is made right the better for the country, without respect for the prime laws how can we be expected to obey the secondary laws?

It just seems to me that there are bigger fish to fry. There are schools in the American south that are saying that they are going to teach creation to the exclusion of evolution. This kind of thing in my mind is far more important that one cross memorial. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, that's why I asked for y'alls thoughts. As I've said all along, I understand the argument to have it taken down...

Well we have different organizations specializing in different aspects of the battle.  And they are all important, because the creationists will try to use the stuff being complained about to argue that Xianity is tied in to America's heritage and if you don't like Xianity being taught in schools, then... leave.

Incidentally one of the arguments against teaching creationism is that... (drumroll) fundamentally it's the government teaching a relgion and thus it violates church state separation.  This was the basis under which the IDiots got slapped in Kitzmiller v Dover

@ Roger Wright,

If you are currently supporting the FFRF financially.  Then let them know that you would like your contributions to go toward the problems in the schools in the American South.

If I were setting on the board of FFRF (I'm not) and the question of where to spend the foundations resources came down to the two choices you have presented then I, like you, would choice the schools as the more pressing issue.

I applaud the efforts of all those who work to end encroachment of religious ideology into the governmental system (including taxfree status).  I applaud the work the FFRF is doing and I applaud the fine work you are doing with the schools in the American South, I think both of you should continue your efforts in the areas you each see fit.

It's one of those problems where either all the kids can have their candy, or none can have it. Either people learn to share, or nobody gets it their way.

It just seems to me that there are bigger fish to fry - no, there are 'other' fish to fry, not necessarily bigger. Religions of all persuasions are surreptitious, and creeping. xians really can't see the problem, which is the problem. As there are so many crosses around, what does one more make,and that is the problem, creeping into secular territory, insidious.

It just seems to me that there are bigger fish to fry - no, there are 'other' fish to fry, not necessarily bigger. This is how xians, or any religion works, surreptitiously, and become all indignant.

They have moved, or rather settled, into secular territory.

Put up an Atheist symbol, and the xians would turn purple with rage.

RE: "Put up an Atheist symbol, and the xians would turn purple with rage."

I accidentally ran across my High School sweetheart a year or so ago, after months of arduous cyber-stalking, and we began an email correspondence. At one point, she sent me a URL, asking me to sign a petition to have a cross installed on a certain courthouse lawn. As I didn't want to waste all of my effort by explaining my atheism and losing touch with her entirely, I instead tried to reason with her, explaining the Constitutional separation of church and State, and reminding her that if a Christian cross were allowed on a government property, other religions would have an equal right to place their symbols there as well. To illustrate my point, I included a jpeg of Ganesh, the Hindu 4-armed, elephant-headed boy, and asked how she'd like to see a statue of THAT on her courthouse lawn. I never heard from her again - (heavy sigh) --

Dodged that bullet.

But xians think it is - that is the point - they think they have free rein, and get very upset when they are questioned. It is the arrogance of religions that upset me.


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