An atheist friend of mine posted this on Facebook saying that she didn't agree with the FFRF trying to get this cross taken down. As a veteran and an atheist, I tend to agree for a couple reasons. First, I see it as simply a memorial to a fallen soldier and no more no less. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, this cross has been there for years and years. Why waste taxpayers dollars on the legal fight... I don't see it hurting anything.. Thoughts?

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It's not offense.  (And I wish people would quit saying that that's why they are complaining when interviewed by the media.)  There's no right to not be offended, which is a good thing or the Muslims would long since have shut down everything in this country that offends them.  (Which would be basically everything worth while.)

It is having it implied that I am not fit to be an American, or at the very least, less of an American, by my own government, not for being hostile to the US but rather for not having the right imaginary friend.  It's having my tax money (which was extracted under threat of force--only governments can do that and not have it be called robbery) used, not to protect my rights or anyone else's rights--the proper function of government--but for the petty purpose of propagating a point of view that's not mine.

And all of these monuments, and "In God We Trust" on the money and "So Help Me God" at the end of oaths, nominally voluntary but invariably tacked on, and "Under God" in the pledge, feed the perception that this country is not just full of christians (which, alas, it is), but is founded on Christianity.  No it's ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOT and I will be boiled alive in raw sewage if I will stand by and let them propagandize for it with MY TAX MONEY.

Yes freedom FROM religion (in government contexts) is important.

Beautifully said Steve , ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY beautifully said !


It sure felt good.  Undoubtedly quite therapeutic.  Probably dropped my blood pressure getting that out.

Well, I certainly wouldn't want to see you boiled alive in raw sewage - I'm curious, is there another kind? - but I agree with you completely regarding your stance, in fact, the tax people are still looking for me.

I might add, that I was criticized in a "Private Message" by Nelson, for mentioning my own website, I hope you have better luck!

I agree that freedom from religion is important, but I don't think anything is gained by wasting taxpayer dollars on a court battle and the ensuing removal of this monument. Keeping others from going up is enough for me.

The problem is, the people who want to do it now simply say "well THAT'S been there for ages, why can't we put this one up?"  The correct answer to which from said local government would be, "why thank you for bringing that violation of the constitution to our attention. Yeah we shouldn't have done that either.  Our apologies, that needs to come down"  Of course the government rarely responds that way, it's often some Xian jackass in charge who vows to fight to the end to preserve his pet violation.

It's no more us wasting tax dollars fighting a breach of the constitution than it is spending money investigating a crime and putting the perp away.  By your logic, once the crime has been committed and is "standing" we should leave it be and just try to focus on preventing new crimes.

The people morally responsible for the waste of tax money are the ones fighting to continue violating the law, just as a thug is morally responsible for the costs of investigating his crime, apprehending his ass, and throwing him in jail. Rights violations are what a government is supposed to be fighting.

Btw here are the US Department of VA headstones and markers for all different religious symbols. The Atheist one is there too. So as you can it's not fair to just have the Christian symbol up there.

Hmm, so the logo of American Atheists is the symbol for all atheism?  What if you aren't a member of American Atheists?

Unfortunately our case is not parallel with some church that can come up with its own logo and its followers want to put that logo on their tombstones.  We don't have an organization that automatically represents us as soon as we become atheists.  There's nothing to join unless you want to engage in some activism.

Good point. But however I believe it is generally accepted that an Atheist symbol is the one with the atom symbol and the letter "A" in the middle of it.

I'd rather have a tree, but I'm a naturalist... and a hawk.

Everybody living in a christian country is so used to seeing crosses all over the place, until it virtually becomes something, that one doesn't notice anymore.

I say, put up all the other symbols of all the other religions involved, including the Atheist fish, complete with feet of course.

Otherwise, get rid of the cross.



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