Let's have a brainstorm about ways ThinkAtheist could be improved!

Big or small, any thoughts are welcome! TA is a great site/community and I'd love to help it strive to maximize its potential. Who knows, maybe one of our ideas will get implemented by a Mod.

Anyway I'll start off with this:

The comments section in Discussions should operate more like Reddit comments, in which comments form a tree-structure, and entire branches of that tree can be minimized with a simple "[-]" button. This would make it so you can see a wider variety of responses more quickly, and follow the comment-threads that interest you. As it is, there is a tree-structure, but branches cannot be minimized, so people often reply to a reply to a comment, rather than replying directly to the appropriate comment. 

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The problem with the tree format in Discussions is that once it gets more than three or four pages long it's *extremely* diffucult to be sure you've seen all new comments since the last time you looked at it.  It would be nice if there were a way to only show comments newer than your previous visit to the thread, or alternatively, to visit them in turn if the tree is expanded (as, apparently, it will be).  (Actually because of this issue, I'd rather ditch the tree format entirely and ask people to quote what, specifically, they are replying to.)

Another thing is, when you go to your friends page, you have to click on your friend's avatar (which loads their page) THEN click on a button to send them a PM (mail message); I'd like to see the mail command directly on the friends page.

OK and one thing I think is a bona fide bug.  If you type " ) in chat (but without the space) you get a double quote followed by a wink emoticon   I don't think that " ) is intended to be a shortcut for that emoticon; if it were then both the double quote and the parenthesis would be replaced by the emoticon.  If it is intended, then it's redundant because you can get the wink with ; ), again without the space.

Not sure if this helps, but if you go to 'Inbox' on the top right of every page below your name, then select '+Compose', it will offer you up a list of your friends in that compose window. Just tick the boxes for those to whom you would like to send a message. I think this comes out the the same effect as your proposal.

I'm using the default colour scheme, Kris, and I can barely read the names on my list - I have to try to pick the right person by their mini-picture.  Is that a changeable setting?

I... don't believe so. While you can customize your profile page appearance, I don't recall a built-in option to modify the appearance of the rest of the site or load user-specific skins. Depending on your browser, you can use add-ons which will remedy the issue, but perhaps the gains don't warrant the effort in this case.

I never really thought about it because it appears clear enough for me, but I can see how grey on grey may not work so well on everyone's monitor.

I cannot even see names next to the pictures--and they are microscopic.  Otherwise, it would help.

I am looking into fixing the PM find a friend option.

I'll look ino that " ) bug

"I'd rather ditch the tree format entirely and ask people to quote what, specifically, they are replying to."

Yes, and the quote should be a hyperlink to that original comment, so the thread of discussion can be "backtraced" easily.

Also it would be nice if when Comment A garners a reply in Comment B (such that Comment B contains a quote from Comment A), then Comment A would contain a hyperlinked note that can zip you straight to its replies.

In other words, comments should be chain-linked both forwards and backwards with hyperlinks. I have a 4chan extension that does exactly this, and once you have it you can't live without it.

International News page affecting atheists/humanist/free-thinkers.

Successful/in-successful political actions. Up and coming actions /legal judgements.

A listing of local/national/international debates and scedules.

Entertainment listings for atheist/humanist theamed movies and plays.

Cutting edge science affecting ideas and theories about the world and history.

Cult and theist rallies.

Atheists in the News.

That's a great idea! I can look into making that happen.

Responding in blogs is clumsy by comparison with the forums. The forums give you a way of responding to each post. In the blogs you have to do it with something like "@BlunderBus." I even question the need for blogs.

Blogs will be getting a overhaul in the near future :]


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