(Occasionally NSFW-ish) TA artists, this is your chance to show off.


Let's make it clear, your art does not have to be NSFW (not safe for work) to post it here.

I know from the Forest Girl thread that we have artists among our members. I'm a photographer and writer, so I'll start off with some of my own images. (I've done a lot of nudes, so I'm hoping tasteful nudes aren't beyond the pale.)

Here's a photo I particularly like because it may look like it was done as a complicated and expensive setup in a photo studio but, no, it was shot on the sidewalk next to Portland, Oregon's Chinese Garden. I was just taking advantage of what photographers call "The Magic Hour," which is the hour before the sun goes down.

This is Anne-Simone, a very pretty gothic girl, shot against a bronze statue of an elephant in Portland's park blocks. A number of Photoshop filters were used.

I have done many portraits of which the above two are examples, but I do them at locations rather than in a photographer's studio. I like meeting the challenges of location work. In a studio, you can fall into the habit of using very formulaic lighting setups, but outdoors or even indoors you constantly run into nonstandard situations. I bore easily.

Finally, one of my nudes, topless only, which I hope is acceptable to the powers that be.

I've been accused of using Small Talk too much, so I am proposing that we have a TA Artists category.

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Elf Child

How did you do your pictures? Are they computer graphics?


Very nice.

If you find gents in the gentry, then what do you find in the country?


:P I get it

To encourage people to put their stuff up, let's say no criticism unless the artist asks for it, and then in private rather than in public. Some people are hurt by criticism and then there are people like me who take the attitude that anything I put up is finished. Period. End of story.

I am the only person I've ever been terribly interested in pleasing. If others enjoy my work, that's great. If they don't, I can't please

Personally, the only criticism I invite when it comes to my writing is proofreading and being notified of inconsistencies.

Oh, really? Tell me more (in a private message, though).

Art forum category added.


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