Thoracic Retrograde Upward Migratory Peristalsis is a serious disability affecting billionaire politicians that causes them to spontaneously excrete out the wrong end.  Symptoms can be exacerbated by stressful situations like having to speak in front of a rally, or a diet consisting entirely of fast food.  Please help spread awareness so that one day we can find a cure for T.R.U.M.P.

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Being full of shit, to the point where the epiglottis and pyloric valves are unable to prevent the tremendous pressure from erupting in oral excrement, is considered one of the prime causes of TRUMP.


A cure?  There already is one.  A bullet to the brain.

To view this, I had to break a promise to myself.  That I would not voluntarily regard Trump in any form.  This is so funny that I am glad I broke my promise.

This will sound odd, but I think I'm beginning to understand him, and even how he can be a likeable, insecure asshole: He really cares what people think of him, as long as they can hear his "authoratative" obfuscation or shocking delusional summary. His deal-making bravado gets the other party to gamble something away instead of relying on more predictable politics or policy.

Likable as in drama where the good guy always wins, but not as in real life.


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