Hello Everybody,

I will go right into the subject...

Sassan took a look at my twitter feed and found that I support the government in Syria... and his immediate response was:

"What a pity in being against the aspirations of your own people"
My questions to all of you:
  1. What do you know about Syria?
  2. What do you know about Syria's current President?
  3. What do you know about the allegedly called "Syrian Revolution"? Do you support it or not?
  4. Most importantly, What is your source for the above information?


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Promising an election in 4 months does seem like a good deal. Lets hope for it to be a fair election.

Most of your statements are based on personal experiences. I do not doubt your integrity, but it will be good to have testable evidence. It makes your point stronger. Lets not conclude who started the shooting first. It could be the protestors, it could be the army and it can even be an external factor wanting to spread unrest. 

I would like to argue that Government has not done its part of  reforming. Promising reforms is not the same as actual reformation. And lets not forget that these reforms are only being promised after such a huge international drama. I agree with you that the protestors must wait for the promised elections to happen, but maybe there are other equations involved. You are in a better position to investigate. It would be fair if you would have a look at the other side too. Maybe the protestors have lost their faith in Assad due to failures of similar promised reforms. There has to be a rationale  for them to still continue fighting. Or it can even be the Sunni - Shia divide causing blind hatred on each side.

Hi Alex,

very reasonable argument...

All my statements are fully backed with evidences... and true evidences not songs and still pictures :) whatever I can't backup.. feel free to drop.


But again, I am seeing the actions on the ground not on TV.

Regarding the Sunni - Alawiate conflict, it's the cause of the current armed battles in Homs... but it's from the protesters side... for a simple reason... the Alawiate are the strong side in which they would have crushed the Sunni's in Homs if they want to.


Plus, the areas which have protesters are holding guns and killing army officers and police are known to be full of salafists and muslim brotherhood.


Regarding the reform, it was announced 6 days after the first protest erupted.. back in March... so it wasn't delayed.


I agree, there must be some other parties who wouldn't like the protests to end... they either want to weaken the Syrian government and army for a potential invasion or replace the regime with a puppet-regime.


I believe Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA and Iran are messing up the situation in Syria... because they all have huge interests.


Syria's fall will leave Saudi Arabia as the sole power in the region which will stop the growing Iranian power over this region... and ultimately eliminate Hizbollah as the last alliance of Iran the Shia state opponent of Wahabi state of Saudi Arabia and muslim-brotherhood-ruled Turkey.


and the US benefits is Israel's... toppling up the regime in Syria and replacing it with a puppet-regime will bring the so-called "Peace" to the middle east which ensures Israel's national security.


So, basically as you said... religion (& Israel) is the root evil of everything.

hahahaha... this is really funny... 

do you call this an evidence?

An English song for freedom with a couple of pictures of few people, and again using the pro-gov rally as a protest... IMPRESSIVE!


Just to give credit, I like how much work was given to this video, especially frame 2:41, who can do such accurate righting with lights? the English one easier... but the Arabic is really hard... Thanks for Photoshop.


Absolutely useless video in this argument.. but a nice song. thumbs up.

who's next??

This video shows that there is a clear division among people over Assad. Until Assad gives them a chance to vote, can there be an peaceful end to this problem?

Now we are talking...

This is a real protest... do you see a signle RWB flag??



And providing evidences from AlJazeera, is like proving god existence using Quraan.

The amount of lies and fabrications on the main stream media regarding the "Arab Spring" is beyond counting and following... Pick any video or image and I can tell you what lies it has and which part has been fabricated.

If not fabricated, it's definitely exaggerated... for example, in your own video.. AlJazeera is the only source who knows how many people were protesting as they zoomed in on a punch of protesters not more than a 100 max, and AlJazeera reporter said "1000s of opposition activists", WELCOME TO "THE WAR OF PERCEPTION"

I am sure they would have zoomed out if they had more protesters... 



This is sooooooooooo funny... a so-called "murdered" protester, moved his hand LOL

Check 2:19 - 2:22 in the same video.

and later on, another body the video shooter starts to say killed, then he realized the guy is moving so he says he was shot in his leg.. 2 seconds later the guy moves the only part he is supposed to be shot at. 2:25 - 2:31


Dude, wake up this is a fabricated video just to show some materials on Media. I can provide you with tons of such videos.


Think about it... the minute the guy started taping.. every 5 seconds 2 guys come in holding one dead body... claiming that the government forces shot them dead.



  • Did you see the police or army shooting them?
  • Did you see any police or army in this video?


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