Hello Everybody,

I will go right into the subject...

Sassan took a look at my twitter feed and found that I support the government in Syria... and his immediate response was:

"What a pity in being against the aspirations of your own people"
My questions to all of you:
  1. What do you know about Syria?
  2. What do you know about Syria's current President?
  3. What do you know about the allegedly called "Syrian Revolution"? Do you support it or not?
  4. Most importantly, What is your source for the above information?


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Hany, would you say that this video is an organized plot against the Baath Party by the Zionists? Everything in this story smells of the classic sunni-shia conflict... Religion is the certainly the root of all evil !! 

@Hany   I asked this earlier and received no reply (at least not the last time I looked). If President Al Assad is so popular, why not simply hold a democratic election and let the electorate demonstrate their confidence in him. Problem solved.

I apologize for missing your comment. I have seen it but forgot to respond.


Because it's not as simple as it sounds... now Obama is having protests of Occupy WallStreet, and protesters are being jailed for absolutely no reason... I have not seen more peaceful protests in the world.. and still they got jailed. can you explain that?

Why didn't you ask Obama for internationally observed re-election?


President AlAssad and Al-Ba'ath regime knows the support they have in Syria and they know how foreign powers are supporting opposition to topple up the regime...


Having an election would affect Syria's sovereignty and independent decisions.

We, the Syrian people, can manage our own problems... without any outside help.


Does that makes sense to you?

Jailed for no reason? Let's make two things abundantly clear:

1) The U.S. is being very tolerant of the "Occupy Wall Street" protests.

2) However, protesting doesn't give people a license to disobey the law. Few protesters are actually jailed. They are removed when they insist on being where they don't belong (like violating private property or blocking traffic), but for the most part they are simply removed and released a little while later. There are no subterranean dungeons where protesters are being beaten senseless or having electrical contacts applied to their genitalia. If protesters are jailed, it's probably for breaking a fairly serious law. At least here in Portland, the city is being very tolerant and has overlooked a lot of minor infractions.

It still seems Assad won't set up a democratic election because he's certain he wouldn't like the outcome.

Yes, the Syrian people can manage their own problems. They don't need a strongman dictator to do it for them.

I am not sure what is your definition of "Tolerant" & "Few", because definitely 2382 arrests are not neither "Few" nor "Tolerant"


You can follow @OccupyArrests and calculate the numbers and see the news papers articles as evidences. (As you believe in Media)


My question here is: 

Are you saying that blocking traffic in US is breaking a "fairly serious law".. while Syria's rioters robbing and burning state facilities along with killing army officers and planning and committing assassinations of scientific talents are not serious?

BBC REPORTER IN SYRIA 26th of Septemeber


I'm sorry I haven't had time to respond to detail - been busy with writing a paper for my class tomorrow but I have not forgotten. I will respond in detail tomorrow in-between my classes.

I would like to give the following to close the night but before I do so, it is quite comical you are disputing the deaths. There are hundreds of videos of bloodshed by Assad's forces - it is not in dispute. Again, I will respond further in detail tomorrow but the following clip shows an ID card of the Revolutionary Guards thugs forces of Assad's masters in Tehran acquired in Syria...very interesting short clip:



Back to media talk :) you provided an evidence which was obviously fabricated scene.

The existence of 100s of videos like the one you posted earlier, doesn't mean any of the acts in it is true...


Joseph Goebbels once said: “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” 

and this is what's happening with Syria.


You hating Iran Islamic state, and the fact that Syria's current regime & Iran's regime are allies should not mean that you hate Syria's regime.


I couldn't see the video, I will check it later and comment.

everything to you is a lie but your god Assad is the holy truth :rolleyes:. Get a Life.

Very nice argument :)


P.S. Not sure what "get a life" has to do with this argument, but if it helps I will do my best to get one...  ;)

Seriously? is this what you are backing your argument with?


nevertheless, Can you read anything from the card? I zoomed in to the max and couldn't read anything.


Last week's rallies supporting President Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia, Hasaka and Sweida.












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