Hello Everybody,

I will go right into the subject...

Sassan took a look at my twitter feed and found that I support the government in Syria... and his immediate response was:

"What a pity in being against the aspirations of your own people"
My questions to all of you:
  1. What do you know about Syria?
  2. What do you know about Syria's current President?
  3. What do you know about the allegedly called "Syrian Revolution"? Do you support it or not?
  4. Most importantly, What is your source for the above information?


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support them.... I mean I support Syrian ppl against the criminal Assad!

It is disgusting that you call yourself an atheist and you support the brutal terrorist Assad. Shame on you.

WOW... you keep surprising me with the strongest arguments I have ever seen.


It's just like arguing with a Muslim about god existence, you always get the same response: "You will burn in hell" 



What is this image? I hope it's not any kind of proof for what you said.


Because I can assure you that this is pro-gov rally support President AlAssad.


Simply, they are gathering as the flag of Ba'athy Syria :)


You see the Red, White and Black... That's the Ba'athy Syria.


The protesters in Syria use the old flag of Syria which is Green, White and Black


So, from such lies... a sane person can realize how much lies you see in the main stream media...

lol now you are claiming anti-Assad protests to be pro-Assad protests? lol. I will tomorrow provide everyone detailed evidence of the protests, atrocities from the regime of Assad, and the fact that they are funneled arms, weapons, and training from the Islamic Republic.

And I have stated general truths which have been discussed for months which really are not points to be argued. For example, everyone knows that Assad and his thugs receive arms and shipments from the Islamic Republic. I will rehash the arguments and evidence tomorrow but you are rather lowly to be supporting a tyrant maybe just as brutal as Ghadafi.

And for the record, that photo is from an anti-Assad protest in Hama.

well, I am very interested in evidences... can't wait till tomorrow :)

But note that I didn't deny the protests existence... I have witnessed some myself.

I just commented on your posted image.


It could be a protest in Hama, but if that is true, then something wrong in the image... because the population in the city of Hama is around 400K (without Hama villages) and the crowd looks much more than the population.

Although the RWB flag came into existence after the Ba'athist coup, the flag does stand for the hope for union of Syria, Egypt, and Iraq. So is it not possible that only a few protestors want to go back to using the old flag while others do not care about changing the flag? The more important thing is getting democracy and that has no concern with flags. Syria did have 9 flag changes since 1920.

A more important question to ask in the above picture is the banner that says "Go out from Syria". What does that mean?

One more correction to your statement, the 3-star flag is the one the symbolize the Arab Union of Syria, Egypt and Iraq.


The current flag was adopted 1980 after it was used for the Arab Republic back in 1958-1961


I totally agree the flag is not the issue at all, I was just raising a point that opposition adopted the Green, White and Black 3-star flag  ... not the one with the red in it.


And I just realized something else... if you look at a higher resolution picture... WikiMedia

you will see that the red little flag that so-called "Protesters" are holding to assemble the red part of the Syrian flag, is actually China's flag. :)


and if you go to WikiMedia scroll down a bit, you will the "Andre versjoner: Older version with lower quality" which shows the longest Syrian Flag campaign which was done by pro-gov people in some cities in Syria... and how it was replaced with the image Sassan posted.


I am providing my argument from his own evidence using logic and the magic of sight (as Ross once said in Friends) 



I agree that the rally is pro-assad, but there are also people around dropping huge banners asking Assad to go out of Syria. Looking closer, the pro-Assad people do seem to be holding chinese flag and standing in an organized pattern. Well planned, I would say!! When I do a simple google search, I get a number of results that show International media reporting these huge pro-Assad ralies. But there were also reports that talked about the Army confiscating food and cutting of electricity to stop people from protesting. Some people want Baath party to stay. Some want them out under all conditions. Some want more rights for Kurds and democracy allowing secular leader. We have to look at all sides to the argument. You may support the first stance, I would prefer the third. People can never hope that there can be a change if they cannot vote for a change. Armed conflict might not be a good answer, but is it not the only option left when there is no freedom of speech? If there indeed is so much pro assad support, why not give the people what they want. An election?  Until he does that, do you not think that he is wrong?


Alex, simply watch all the videos I posted below.

:) Thank you Alex.

I want to be very clear again... I am not denying that there is protests in Syria... What I am trying to say here... the majority of Syrians support Bashar AlAssad and his reform plan.


Regarding the army cutting electricity and putting areas under siege, it's very possible... I can't tell you the truth... but what was said on government sponsored TV channels is that some areas were closed down to stop smuggling weapons into it... which again makes sense considering the facts that there are evidences of weapons smuggling.


I do not echo any kind of armed conflict, but the gov is left with no choice other than eliminating the armed gangs...

I live in an area in Damascus called Kaboun, I have seen myself protests for over 4-months with absolutely no police or army intervention...

One day, the protesters decided to hold guns and shoot at the police stations and security officers and  destroy state facilities... then the army got in... arrested 700 people in one day... by name... they went in with a list of people who held guns... (This is confirmed by my own eyes, you still can reject it, as no other evidence will be provided)


The government has announced a reform package that includes the lift of emergency law, freedom of speech, Media freedom, release of political prisoners, free and honest elections... but those people don't want a reform.. they want a chaos not stability.


The government has already started with the reform plan and promised to have observed parliament election and change the constitution by max Feb 2012 to meet the recent Syrians requirements with a total makeover as it never had a major change since adoption back in 1972.


I hope that we agree, it's not a push button process to reform, and that it takes time... and I personally see it going fast...

And I said it out loud, if by Feb 2012 the gov doesn't honor its promises, I will be on the opposition side.


In other words, the government has done it's part of reforming... it's now the people who are not cooperating.


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