Hello Everybody,

I will go right into the subject...

Sassan took a look at my twitter feed and found that I support the government in Syria... and his immediate response was:

"What a pity in being against the aspirations of your own people"
My questions to all of you:
  1. What do you know about Syria?
  2. What do you know about Syria's current President?
  3. What do you know about the allegedly called "Syrian Revolution"? Do you support it or not?
  4. Most importantly, What is your source for the above information?


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1.  Far too much to be posted here, but not nearly as much as I would like.

2.  I know that he is only your "President" because he shares at least half of his DNA with the previous president.  I also know that he is just a front for a larger elite and has little actual power.

3.  I know that it is being crushed mercilessly and barbarically, which shows that the regime is terrified of it even as it claims that "nothing is happening" in Syria, and I know that it is doomed to fail due to sectarian and class divisions and support from international powers like Russia and regional actors like Iran and Iraq.  I would like to see a free and secular Syria and I think enough Syrians have shown their support for the revolution for me to sympathize with it as well, but in the end it is for Syrians to decide, not foreigners.  But even if the revolution is wrong, that does not justify imprisoning, torturing and brutally murdering thousands of people for protesting.


4.  News media, etc.

1.   I am assuming you are an Arab, and as per your profile you are Saudi.. right?

2.   I agree with the first part, but definitely not the second... the power thing might be true but only at the beginning of his first term... back in 2000... as we had much more powerful high-level officers (Army, Intelligence, politicians...) whom we call "Old Guard"... 

But those people who were actually corrupted and caused most of the issues Syrians are suffering from till today.


3.   Do you consider main stream media as a "Trusted Source" of information? which doesn't require confirmation?


Did you know that out of 3000 people killed in Syria since the beginning of the unrest, 1800 are from the army and police?


Did you hear about the deployment of "Death Squads" in Iraq, Libya and Syria? the same way it was used in Salvador. (For more information on this, I would suggest reading http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=26043 )


As a Syrian who lived his whole life in Syria (Currently between UAE & Syria) I have witnessed Hafez AlAssad's era and Bashar's era... and it's totally different.


The development Syria has been enjoying since year 2000 is tremendous... on all aspects.

I can write at least 10 pages of what are the achievements of Bashar AlAssad in Syria since he came in power.


on top of my mind:

1.   Before 2000, we had only government banks, now we have around 20 private banks.

2.   Before 2000, we had one insurance company, now we have over 20 private insurance companies.

3.   Before 2000, we didn't have proper internet access or telecommunication.

4.   The style of living went up many levels for all Syrians.

5.   Syria now makes its own cars/weapons

6.   Syria manufacture over 25000 medicines (instead of importing them)

7.   Unemployment rate dropped to below 7 percent

8.   Literacy rates are now below 2.4% (because of a campaign in 2001)


and so much more...

Any citizen of Syria would be very interested in a democratic form of government. The fact that the present president has not made attempts in that direction is not surprising. After being groomed by his father and his subsequent death Bashar al-Assad ran unopposed for president in 2000; how convenient that was. The government had quickly lowered the eligibility age to 34 so he could seek office. Unopposed again in 2007. It would probably be a death sentence to step up and run in opposition to Mr. Assad.

His policy on human rights has been questionable at best and many have been supposedly detained, tortured, and even killed for speaking out against him. He also implemented government monitoring of internet cafe chat sessions. He seems to lack self confidence as a leader if he thinks internet monitoring and even blocking access is necessary. What does he fear by Syrian's use of the Web?

True, he was given the presidency on a gold plate. but is he a good president? this is the important question.


I am not saying I support Bashar AlAssad and only him for ever... I am just saying he is the best choice among other potential candidates.


The uprising now in Syria, is not peaceful protests, it's an extremely organized armed insurrection... funded by many outsiders... including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and US. (Different interests)


If any of you guys have ever lived in Syria, would know why protests are only in specific areas and cities...

For example, it started in Daraa, Jebel Al Zawya, Homs, Der Ezzour and Boukamal... all those are on the borders... which again raises the question of: how did they get weapons? 


Then, the uprising reached different areas, where everybody knows those areas are full of Extremists, Salafists and Jihadists...


I am sure there is no government on earth, would allow anyone to hold guns against their own people and army.


Regarding the internet monitoring, just an FYI, all government monitors all kinds of communications.. that includes Internet, wired and wireless communcations.

I can assure you, that in this part of the world... Internet Filtering is very popular and is used in a more excessive way in neighboring countries. (Kemal can confirm how it is in Saudi :) )


And the assumption you made in your comment, that anyone who speaks up is jailed and tortured is false... a very good example is the member of parliament who opposed changing the age of president to 34... he was not touched.


The Police state image that everyone has about Syria is built since 1958, when the intelligence branch for the United Arab Republic, which was developed in Hafez AlAssad era... 

But it's not the same since Bashar came to power.


Again I do not support the "President for life" idea, but I think at this point a change would hurt Syria more than benefiting it... keeping in mind that all opposition figures are extremists Sunni... and they will turn Syria into an Islamic state just like Saudi.



"but is he a good president? this is the important question."

Really? How about "but is he the president the people show they want through a democratic election?" What's wrong with that question, Hany?

All he has to do to prove he's legitimate is hold a UN-supervised democratic free, secret ballot election.

What a lie, calling the protesters "terrorists". Assad and his Shiite thugs are the terrorists and these scumbags receive arms, training, and support from the biggest terrorists in the Islamic Republic.

Great argument and evidence!!

Keep repeating that... everyone is going to believe you if you keep saying it :)

Check out the pictures I posted in my earlier reply to Alex... take a couple seconds... close your eyes and come back see yours.


Do you see the difference?

Do you seriously think 12-year old kids are capable of differentiating between right and wrong? letting aside choosing a president.

 I feel for the people of Syria...however I fear trading 1 dictator for 21,000,000 dictators will not solve their problems. The Syrian people were making strides economically with casinos opening and sushi bars in Damascus...then the Arab Spring hit. Syria does not want to be Iraq...but without a strong leader I fear that is what will happen there. If they are lucky perhaps Jordan will invade and annex Syria and incorporate it into an autonomous portion of a new state 'Trans-Jordan' as a Constitutional Monarchy under King Hussein.

The 21,000,000 dictators part made me smile :)

But the Jordan invasion part, cracked me up... Jordan is not even close to having a war with anyone... and definitely not Syria.

Syria's army is way stronger than Jordanian.

Back in the 70s, Syrian Army was very close to taking over Jordan in what was called "Black September"


And King Hussein passed away 13 years ago :)

1-What do you know about Syria?

An Arab country that has a great history, great civilization... Syrians has a moral standards.. they are very polite.. I have friends from Hama and Aleppo..


2-What do you know about Syria's current President ?

I see that he's a dictator just like his dad..that's what my friends told me ..

I know about his party "The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party"


3-What do you know about the allegedly called "Syrian Revolution"? Do you support it or not?

just like the others in the Middle East.. they have the right gain their lost rights.. I do support them.


4-Most importantly, What is your source for the above information?

my source is the Arab community in since I live in this community.


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