Switching back to Firefox from Chrome. Google blows.

I used to love Chrome until a certain update. From then on, they seem to want to run my online experience. Plus, they don't fix bugs.

My biggest gripe is that I want to use Bing.com as my homepage because every day Bing opens up with a new gorgeous and/or interesting wallpaper, often a very well done active wallpaper. Every attempt I made changing settings lto force Chrome to display Bing.com on opening has failed. And that even includes running a little program Bing provides to automate the process. Somehow, the designers at Chrome figured out how to block this change.

What they still haven't figured out after two years of user complaints is how to prevent Chrome from opening up in multiple tabs (usually two of the duplicates) if you dare to change what you see when you open a new tab.

Google undoubtedly has some of the best programmers around. Gmail's antispam feature borders on magic. The search engine is great, too, but, honestly, Bing googles just as well as Google itself, and has features Google does not. But Google is constantly looking at what you're doing in terms of marketing goods and services for its advertising and marketing affiliates, though I imagine Bing does much the same.

The original reason I switched to Chrome after using Firefox for a few years was that Chrome could automatically sync bookmarks, history, etc., onto a new computer or new OS installation and Firefox could not. But now I'm ready to bite the bullet of inconvenience and I'm going back to Firefox.

Any of you had it with Chrome, too?

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Microsoft has a long history of using non-standard proprietary technology to try to squash competitors out of markets. I have no doubt Google would do the same.

Is the “continue where I left off” option button enabled under the start-up option? That may be worth a look. Note – I generally don’t use Chrome.

FYI - Some alternatives mentioned here. I often use DuckDuckGo and Yippy is good at blocking adult content.

No, it is not. I think this is a bug.

So...you block adult content?

No, but I have no young children using my pc.....

I have also decided to switch back to Firefox... If you are concerned about Google (and Micro$ofts) usage of your meta-data, you could take a look at duckduckgo.com.

I heard Google dropped its "Don't be evil" motto... :(

A recent update to Firefox allows you to sync bookmarks etc. now too, so there's that.

Yet another reason to switch back. I'll also be taking a look at alternative browsers built on a Firefox engine.

*cough* Iceweasel *cough*

It has supported since firefox 7 i believe, but now it's more straight forward.

This is not a problem with Chrome under the Linux OS.  

OMG, the "ix" people are basically the vegans of the computer world. We are not going to start using your minority OS just because it's good. ;)


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