Switching back to Firefox from Chrome. Google blows.

I used to love Chrome until a certain update. From then on, they seem to want to run my online experience. Plus, they don't fix bugs.

My biggest gripe is that I want to use Bing.com as my homepage because every day Bing opens up with a new gorgeous and/or interesting wallpaper, often a very well done active wallpaper. Every attempt I made changing settings lto force Chrome to display Bing.com on opening has failed. And that even includes running a little program Bing provides to automate the process. Somehow, the designers at Chrome figured out how to block this change.

What they still haven't figured out after two years of user complaints is how to prevent Chrome from opening up in multiple tabs (usually two of the duplicates) if you dare to change what you see when you open a new tab.

Google undoubtedly has some of the best programmers around. Gmail's antispam feature borders on magic. The search engine is great, too, but, honestly, Bing googles just as well as Google itself, and has features Google does not. But Google is constantly looking at what you're doing in terms of marketing goods and services for its advertising and marketing affiliates, though I imagine Bing does much the same.

The original reason I switched to Chrome after using Firefox for a few years was that Chrome could automatically sync bookmarks, history, etc., onto a new computer or new OS installation and Firefox could not. But now I'm ready to bite the bullet of inconvenience and I'm going back to Firefox.

Any of you had it with Chrome, too?

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I'm sorry you're having these issues with Chrome. I have not experienced them, so I am going to keep using Chrome. I switched from Firefox to Chrome as soon as I knew about it and really have never looked back. The only reason I use Firefox now is if something doesn't work right on Chrome.

Right now, I have no need for Bing's features, so I don't use it. Hope Firefox continues to work for you as long as you need it to. :)

Have you tried changing your start page to something other than the stock start page? Have you changed what displays when you open a new tab? I'd be curious if you tried to change them to bing.com in Chrome, the latest version.

I have changed my start page to my.yahoo.com. I have no problems with it opening more than just that page. Yes, I have changed what displays when I open a new tab. As I said, I have no need for Bing, so that's why I don't have the problems you do.

When you use Bing as your start or new tab page, yes, in addition to the pretty wallpaper you get the search box, but you don't have to switch to Bing as your default search engine.

You lost me at bing.

Why? Have you ever opened up Bing.com? It makes a dandy home page because it's a lot more good-looking than most other pages.

I have used it before, and once you get passed the fact that it has wallpapers, which Google chrome has access to, btw, you will see that it's search accuracy is actually worse. I'm not a Google fan-boy, I'm actually using a browser called Pale Moon, which is a 64bit version of Fire fox. But I find that Google is the superior search engine.

If this helps - On a test laptop I have set www.bing.com as my homepage and search engine while testing other software. It has rebooted over 10 times and still keeps the setting.

In Chrome (version 34.0.18….) and the settings menu options:

On Startup – Open a specific page or set of pages and only have Bing listed.

On Appearance – Show Home Button and only set to Bing to “open this page”

On Search – Manage Search Engines and make Bing (or Google) the default.

That worked somewhat. The first tab (on the far left of the Tabs bar) is now Bing. HOWEVER, Chrome opens up with whatever tabs were active when I last closed it and the tab displaying on the screen is the one on the far right of the Tabs bar.

When I start up Chrome, I only want to see one tab, the home tab, which should be Bing. How do I do that? (Of course, I could just try to remember to have only one tab active when I close Chrome, but that is just dumb.)

Looking at Chrome user forums tells me that many, many people are fed up that this is so difficult to figure out and change. Google may be trying to force people to use the default settings.

I often have dozens of tabs open, and I use eight or ten different browsers, counting mobile devices. So my habits are much different from yours, but (like me) you might like to make use of Ctrl-x to instantly close the current tab, e.g. after starting chrome.

On mobile devices, I rely a lot on the share feature and other android shortcuts, so a lot of my clicks are to bring up a specific page or search agent even before I choose which browser or app I want to use. You could easily create a bing shortcut in your OS (windows or mac?).

Right now, I'm only using Chrome to run Chromecast because you can't "cast" from other browsers. I have three Android devices but it's much easier to use a real keyboard when searching for and running video to cast.

I still use Google as my default search engine though Bing seems about as good.


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