The other day, I gave myself a minor injury and almost said 'God Dammit!'   I just said 'Dammit' finally. 


Yes we have "fuck" and "shit" and all the rest of the bodily functional swearing but many people, mostly not very religious use, "Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ on a Crutch! Jesus H. Christ! (I don't know where the H comes from), God Damn It! Dammit! Hell etc.


I don't want to go back to "Gosh Darn it to Heck" like I used when I had small children.  Or Fudgebunnies, Or Coprolite, or Drat.  Okay I do use 'Drat' rather a lot.  It seems like a secular swear.  I also say "poot' which is a bit twee of me, but there you go.


Suggestions of secular swearing outside of the cute or insane would be appreicated.


Any thoughts of why nominally Christian people or for that matter quite Christian people swear by taking the Lord's name in vain would be fun and informative to read. 


Thank you all in advance.



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I like fudgebunnies hee hee. I'm going to have to adapt that one. I never heard that one before.

I walk my neighbor's dogs. She is a Christian. She won't even say poo poo. Instead of saying "Did Brownie go poo poo?". She says boo boo. "Did Brownie boo boo?" So if I can adapt to that, I can adapt to anything lol.
Feck off ya gobshite !! as my Irish Granny would say :)
I like your Granny.
My Irish grandfather always said:
Now you've broken me feckin' nots widda lobster!
In English (xD)
Now you've broken my fucking nuts with a lobster.
Which, I think, meant something in the context of: now you're going too far. :p
I don't care about blasphemy but sometimes I like to see religious people mad.
Hey, the way I look at it, we can finally swear guilt free. What's the difference what you say? Go for it. You won't even have to go to confession.
I've been trying to change from "Oh my god" to "Oh my Gir". Same 3 letters plus it sounds like yer really frustrated ("grr") when yer using it during such an occasion. :) And also adds the bonus of my love for Gir (Invader Zim).
Haha, I can't live without my OMG! posts. Oh well, religion does seem to serve a purpose, Jesus tap-dancing Christ!
"Christ on a cracker" is definitely one of my faves. lol
Jesus H Christ fucking Mohammed with Buddha's dildo on Saturnalia!

I also use fuckberries a lot.
Oh man, after reading that one, I'll never be the same.

You are one twisted cusser! LOL
I use " Oh my dog", which sometimes make people look strange. :P
Or, as a friend of mine sometimes says to piss off christians: "Oh my satan!"


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