The other day, I gave myself a minor injury and almost said 'God Dammit!'   I just said 'Dammit' finally. 


Yes we have "fuck" and "shit" and all the rest of the bodily functional swearing but many people, mostly not very religious use, "Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ on a Crutch! Jesus H. Christ! (I don't know where the H comes from), God Damn It! Dammit! Hell etc.


I don't want to go back to "Gosh Darn it to Heck" like I used when I had small children.  Or Fudgebunnies, Or Coprolite, or Drat.  Okay I do use 'Drat' rather a lot.  It seems like a secular swear.  I also say "poot' which is a bit twee of me, but there you go.


Suggestions of secular swearing outside of the cute or insane would be appreicated.


Any thoughts of why nominally Christian people or for that matter quite Christian people swear by taking the Lord's name in vain would be fun and informative to read. 


Thank you all in advance.



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"Holy Enema!" - because I like the way it sounds.
I don't really have a problem with using blasphemous language in place of more common swearing. If I say "godammit" I know that I am not actually asking a deity to smite the object or situation in question, just as saying "fuck" does not literally mean that I wish to have intercourse.

There is perhaps even a very small hint of rebellion left in if for me since I was allowed to say "bloody" as a child but never allowed to "take the Lord's name in vain". Using blashpemy in a perjorative manner feels ordinary to me and I do not feel it makes me any less of an atheist.

It would be a different story, I think, if such profanities were not already ingrained into common language.

Having said all that I do sometimes use "Shazbot!"
I agree with Matt. Thanks for saving me time replying.
Oh my God - Oh my imaginary God ( if i don't need to rush - 'imaginary' is a big word for a swear - also I like the look on theists faces )
Fuck me!
Holy fu~~ shit!

-Romanians swears are for the heart-
Pizda ma-si!( my most common verbal reflex at the moment )
"Pizda" I understand, but what does "ma-si" mean?
Follow this link to a PDF of the Periodic Table of Swearing, I think it can be found on the interwebs other places, I've found it a nice secular source of swearing materials. You'll probably need "full screen" to read it properly... Warning this is NOT safe for work lol!

I love number 70...
Oops, I've "uploaded" the file in this post.
Has anyone thought about not swearing at all!?

I swear only where there aren't any people around.

Romanian swears are more complex than Pizda mă-sii/mă-tii! (which is a maternal insult and is similar to Your mother or other regional variants) and most of them are also related to god, his son, that other thing from that trinity, church, the cross, etc.
The "H" in Jesus H. Christ stands for holy - lol (as far as I know).

I'll never relinquish a good ole fashioned heart felt "GOD DAMNIT!, when one is in order. It makes me feel so much better. Like a satisfying fart.

Yes, I'm being a stank old lady this morning hee hee.
I rather enjoy "taking the lord's name in vain" these days. I say "goddamnit" often and that will piss of a xtian faster than damn near any other word, lol.
The link (if it works) basically shows that swearing increases pain tolerance. So maybe swearing is an evolutionary adaptation.
I don't mind or have a problem saying God Damnit when I want to avoid the scatological. After 30 years of working with or around children my swearing is pretty much limited to the following:

Drat, and Double Drat (from an old cartoon I think)
Coprolite! (fosilized shit)
Sugar Shack!

Swearing is just verbal ejaculation and doesn't really mean anything. I try not to be rude and offend those around me as that is just not civil.

And no, it is probably better not to swear at all, but when a bungee cord pops off something and hits you in the arm, Oh Poot! just doesn't quite work on pain tolerance.


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