During a global disaster (natural or otherwise), law and order has broken down. How would you feel about stealing or killing in order to survive? How far would you be willing to go in order to survive?

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I know and really hope that this remains only a hypothetical conversation. But I am really interested in what others would do (or what they think they would do) in a similar situation.


Do you have a lot of wealthy people in your neighbourhood? Maybe you would have to steal from your nextdoor neighbour and longtime friend. Would you steal from him/her in order to survive?


How long have you ever lasted without food? Are you really capable of starving to death? I would rather kill myself than wait for life to drain out of me.

I would start making offers they 'can't refuse'.


If they do refuse ... bad news for them.  


I'll admit it.  We are animals.  We have the right to survive.  We also have the right to do what it takes to survive.  


If I have children?  I would probably do some very terrible things indeed.  If need be. 


But we are talking about the End of Civilization here, are we not?  


Best methods would be to build little gangs.  Groups of like minded people that plan to act the same - Then do your best to make pacts with other Gangs / Groups.  


It would be very difficult to do it all solo.  


So you'll do anything to survive (even if you have no children)?


We have the right to do anything we want, even now, but that doesn't mean that no matter what we do, anyone else should respect it or keep their mouths shut or not take action. You have the right to kill a person even now, but with a price.


The best method would be to build little 'gangs' from the beginning (before something like this happens). If you have friends that you know you can rely on and that you can trust, if some disaster might occur, you already have your little gang. You might as well call them tribes. :)

of course but right now - we have a government - of which can prosecute us if we don't abide by the laws. 


So yes - But I bet the tribe of any of Mega Church will win out ... Hmmm ... maybe we should join a large church just in case :)



Well, you would have to fear that after killing a few people, some might get you too sooner or later.


Like I said in my reply to Tommy's post, you will have to be careful about the loonies that you know of even before the disaster.


And I would rather kill anyone I can (including myself) than join a church tribe/church.

I think the situation after the event would be the same with the situation before the event, community wise. I think there are a lot of people that are even now in panic mode, so those would be the ones you should be careful about in case of a disaster.


Do you think, people will still manage stores? I don't think so, especially in the first few weeks. So, what can you do until all comes back to normal (as normal as it could be)?


What about shooting someone just so you won't risk being the one shot? Would you get paranoid and shoot everybody? :)

What if the store owner is dead. What should be done with his merchandise? Would you stand back and let others take it, or would you take what you need as well?
Mmmmm ... free merchandise : D
I would like to be ready in a situation like this, to kill all my loved ones then kill myself. Of course, only if the situation is really bad, and I wouldn't want them to go through it.
Of course, if I knew there would be still any chances of improving the situation for the next generations (if any), I would fight until the end.

For instance - If you have two extremely pretty young little virgins as daughters - And Somehow they happened to be the only two left out of an extremely wide radius of Men fighting for survival?  


I'd probably kill them too.  Then kill myself.  


Perhaps that is selfish?  Perhaps you should pick a man to mate with them - For the propagation of the species?  


Or at least give them the choice - After educating them on the situation.  I'm talking about 10 - 14 year olds here.  

Do you particularly feel attracted by 10 year olds? :) I think some years would have to go by until this would be an issue. Yes, I would kill her for other reasons (if necessary), until that problem might occur.


If this was the only problem, I think I would like to fight for their survival. If this was one of the many problems, I would not think twice.


By the way, I would protect any girl/woman from a pack of 'hungry' men, so the age doesn't really matter.


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