Supreme Court: religious corporations may restrict women's reproductive health care

Today the US Supreme Court ruled that business owners may cite religious beliefs to be exempt from federal law that requires private companies to provide health insurance that covers birth control. The decision means employees of such such companies will have to obtain certain forms of birth control from other sources.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 along partisan lines in favor of two plaintiffs. One was arts-and-crafts retailer Hobby Lobby, which is owned and operated by evangelical Christians David and Barbara Green. The other was Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp., which is owned and operated by Norman and Elizabeth Hahn, who are Mennonites.

Ironically, while the Supreme Court has just allowed for-profit corporations to restrict women's reproductive health care for superstitious reasons, they are not allowed to restrict men's reproductive health care, including coverage for Viagra.

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A human body is not the property of the State, it is the property of the citizen alone.  One main role of governance is to protect the weak from the manipulations of the powerful, that role seems to have been abandoned for some time now.  This is what Empires look like as they fail.

I think it is absolute bullshit. Their employees pay for their insurance through the company. If the company is going to make money and so forth then they shouldn't have a role in a say for what the insurance covers....that's just my take.

How far will it go?  I don't know how far, but I think it'll get worse before it gets better.

I think now that they have a toehold, religious corporations will continue to push forward on even those crackpot beliefs until the court is forced to draw a line in the sand with a principle ruling saying religious beliefs cannot interfere with provision of medical care.  Where that line is will depend on how liberal or conservative the court is at the time.  Hopefully then, based on that new principle, the (someday, new, more liberal) court will roll it all back to where it should be, and erase the colossal error in judgment they just made.  Could be years, could be decades.

...but given that it passed with strong bipartisan support under a liberal president...

??? that guy is liberal ???

it's hard to tell.

Liberal ain't what it used to be, I guess.

Women in the United States are a little less free now.

But only a little, in the sense that of the 22 contraceptives for women on the menu, Hobby Lobby objected to only six of them. They objected to the forms that interfere with bringing a conception to term. Not that I approve of that, but all too often this decision is described as "depriving women of birth control" which leaves the impression that Hobby Lobby women have been left with no options whatsoever. Not quite true.

My ultimate concern is that this sort of decision implies the dismantling of Obamacare through the "death by a thousand cuts," and also the implications for institutionalizing the prejudices of religious groups against, for example, LGBT's in many other ways.

BTW, the basis for Hobby Lobby's case was a law sponsored by Pres. Clinton.

Their pay scale is a bit higher than their competitors as well. I think it's $14 full-tmers and $9.50 for part-timers.

This personhood attribute that has been attached to corporate identity, and defended by the U.S. court system, reinforces the stranglehold that capitalist America holds on the citizenry. This decision is in line with other nefarious rulings by our courts; finding no grounds to implement campaign finance reform is another example. Money rules, get used to it.

Catchy name, "Citizens United".  Was that sponsored by the Ministry of Truth or the Ministry of Love?


On the one hand, I hope so. On the other, I'm not holding my breath.

Yes, Ed.  And it follows that religious interests would glom onto corporations.  Religion has always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with governments and heads of state since their interest is the same - control of the people.  Now that corporations are emerging as the new ruling class, and the lines between corporate and government are more and more fuzzy, it stands to reason that religion would seize this opportunity to grab some ground.


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