Supreme Court: religious corporations may restrict women's reproductive health care

Today the US Supreme Court ruled that business owners may cite religious beliefs to be exempt from federal law that requires private companies to provide health insurance that covers birth control. The decision means employees of such such companies will have to obtain certain forms of birth control from other sources.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 along partisan lines in favor of two plaintiffs. One was arts-and-crafts retailer Hobby Lobby, which is owned and operated by evangelical Christians David and Barbara Green. The other was Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp., which is owned and operated by Norman and Elizabeth Hahn, who are Mennonites.

Ironically, while the Supreme Court has just allowed for-profit corporations to restrict women's reproductive health care for superstitious reasons, they are not allowed to restrict men's reproductive health care, including coverage for Viagra.

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I've sadly come to expect that old, conservative men in politics will make decisions that discriminate against women. And in fact, they often do this in the name of protecting our right to religious freedom. What scares me the most though is that corporations have now been given this same right. Heads of companies are gaining more and more power to impose personal beliefs upon others, all while sitting behind a corporate shield and accepting no personal responsibility. I am equally saddened that it now seems that lower courts are left with the decision to discriminate similar cases based on religion (because the evidence is all equally absent) or uphold the decision equally and allow for exemptions to other medical care that is in violation of someone's religious belief. I guess we'll see which path they take...
Does anyone remember ever hearing republicans complain about liberal justices "legislating from the bench"? What do we hear now that conservative justices have legislated from the bench? Crickets.
Thank goodness for Planned Parenthood

The idea that a corporation is a "person" is absurd.

Pardon my ignorance, but could somebody maybe answer a few questions for me? I always find the American system of health care and medical insurance very confusing :/

Is the contraceptive pill/morning after pill difficult to obtain in the US? Is it expensive to get it without insurance?

Here in Ireland I can just go to my G.P to get a prescription for the contraceptive pill (€50-60 for consultation, another €50-60 for a 6 month supply of the pill, ) PlanB/Morning -after pill can be bought without a prescription at a pharmacy. I'm not 100% sure of the cost but I think its about €20.00.

For a 25 year old woman these are the average lifetime costs for uninsured and insured women are given below. The first amount is for uninsured women and the second number is for women with health insurance covering the costs (source: Mother Jones). You can go there, plug in another age and get results for any other age. Clearly, sterilization is the big money-saver.

The Pill                $46,649  $8,289 Doctor's visit, 12 refills per year


$5,751  $2,875 Doctor's visit, device, insertion, and follow-up care, every 7.5 years
Implanon $14,488  $6,585 Doctor's visit, device, insertion, and removal, every three years
Injections $22,746  $7,518 Doctor's visit, follow-up care, and four injections, every year
Birth control patch $46,649  $8,289 Doctor's visit and an annual supply of patches, every year
Vaginal ring $46,649  $8,289 Doctor's visit and an annual supply of rings, every year
Surgical sterilization $6,000  $1,500

Doctor's visits, surgery, and follow-up care; one time cost

There's just too much wrong with this ruling to go into, but what really baffles me is their argument that, bc of their religious beliefs, they should not be forced to cover their birth control, etc. bc it unnaturally prevents a baby that was meant to be. Really? Contraceptives were designed to prevent pregnancy. I think to deny their employees access to protection against conception will only result in far more serious issues. What about those who find themselves pregnant and do to whatever reasons, choose to terminate their pregnancy. Isn't this a far worse situation to Hobby Lobby?

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