Dealing with our “reputation for arrogance” by Herb Silverman. Why then is there still a stigma attached to being an Atheist?

If only we were all as meek as this Christian and wrote polite letters like these fine god fearing folk do.

There is a growing community for Atheists that feel isolated. Then we must be ready to speak out.

It is a really good thing that Atheism is on the increase.

A secular legal firm takes an action to keep religious references out of future graduation ceremonies.

The 15% discount on your diner bill no longer stands, thanks to a warning letter from the FFRF.

A Jewish apologist does not understand that Atheists don’t need his god to finding meaning to life.

In Germany the number of Catholics leaving their scandalized church is growing. Pope Cuddles urges German altar servers to get off social media but not via his twitter account.

In America the lavish lifestyles of the Catholic Clergy proves they have not listened to Pope Cuddles.

In Britain nurseries will lose their funding if they are found to “promote extremist views”.

In Pakistan the Blasphemy Laws are used to abuse.

The US is continuing airstrikes against ISIL and dropping food and water to help the Yazidi people.

After a ten year journey through Space, the Rosetta craft reaches Comet 67P.

The limits of the Big Bang theory.

Let’s play “A Game for Good Christians

Ten things we did not know last week. Some pictures taken this week.

Coffee Break Video: The Universe in a Nutshell and The Psychology of Everything

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The "psychology of everything" was very thought provoking, very interesting, and inspiring. Paul Bloom did a great job! It raises (in my mind) many questions, and provides many answers to previous questions........thanks Reg :)

Glad you liked it. It is good to have something worth thinking about on a Sunday.......

¯\(ツ)/¯ Thanks Again Reg, I always look forward to sunday school.

Looking at 'some pictures taken this week", you can clearly see the real negative manifestations of religion on the human species.

Of course, pictures like this one show what we do to other species as we ourselves proliferate.


Thanks Robert, I am thinking of making the "pictures" a weekly feature.

The Rosetta spacecraft story is worth further consideration. It could make some dramatic discoveries if it successfully lands on the comet and can send data back to Earth. The project was 8 years in the planning and a further 10 years were spent travelling to the comet. It is intended that it will drill into the rock to search for traces of water. If the structure of its molecules has the same signature of water on Earth, then it adds to the theory that water arrived on Earth when comets repeatedly struck the planet about 4 billion years ago. It will also look for amino acids, the building blocks of life and if found, then it will indicate that life (abiogenesis) could also have originated on Earth via comet strikes. So watch this space………


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