That does it!!

I'm officially renaming my "Famous, Cabbage, Bean, and Peanut, Chilli Chicken Steup*".

Hensforth, it shall be known as "WMD Steup".

I had three bowls for supper last night, and for good measure another as a snack before bedtime.

Doors locked, window bars secured, we fall into bed... I guess, in the middle of the night I must have farted, 'cos suddenly, Juno, my dog, lets out an agonized yelp, and dives out from under the covers, snapping 'n snarling, 'n sneezing 'n coughing. I reach out for her, hoping to calm her, but she flinched away, and cowered in the corner. Took me half an hour of sweet talk and bribery, (It was 2 "Meety-Stix" that turned the tide) to placate her, but neither love or 'Meety-Stix' could lure her back to bed.

She lay down on the mat and just lay there shivering, and whimpering. In the end, I had to get another comforter out of the closet, and after she'd inspected it thoroughly to make sure it was, indeed, Good 'n Clean, 'n Fresh (Tra-la-la), she burrowed under it for the night.

Just as I was about to put the light out, I realized that the other little lump under the covers, wasn't moving. "Oh-No! I've killed Taxi!" (My other dog) I thought, whipping back the covers. Much to my relief, Taxi looked up at me with bleary, half-mast eyes, an' a "Wha'?... wha'?" expression on her face. I'm guessing that she was in some kind of air-pocket, while poor Juno was in the direct line of fire, so to speak. Nevertheless, I sat down on the edge of the bed, and sighed in relief... Meanwhile, Taxi put two and two together, and decided that, seeing as I was up, it must be walk time, and she starts pulling at my hair, like, "C'm on, c'm on!, Comb your hair already, you're not going out with me lookin' like that!", then she drags my pants off the chair and starts shaking them, like, "Move it, move it, we haven't got all day, y'know!". Juno just groaned under her comforter.

When I put the light out, Taxi froze an' was' like, "Huh? What now? Wuz I dreamin'?", and she dives back under the covers...

Comes the dawn, an' Taxi's pawing at me. "C'm on, Time's a'wastin', move yer arse! Time for walk!"

I groan, and roll out of bed. I do all the necessary, supervised by Taxi, then I reach for the dog's harnesses. Taxi's overjoyed, but Juno just rolled up in her comforter, and refused to come out. In the end, another Meety-Stix won out and I got her harness on.

Okay, so being an' ol'fart (no pun intended) with a worn out and weakened foo-foo valve, Going for a walk in my present condition presents a whole new set of problems... It's like I'm being accompanied by my own private marching band. Like, "Brrr... Brrr, Brum, brumpa brumm, brumpa brumm, Pfff, Boom, Boom, Pfff, Brum..." y'all get the picture...

Anyway, to prevent some embarrassment, I decided to vary my usual rout slightly, so that I wouldn't be likely to run into any of the "Usual crowd" along the way. The new rout got Taxi all excited, and, hooligan that she is, she started barking, and kicking up a fuss, to announce our arrival to the locals. The locals responded enthusiastically by returning her greetings, and for a block in front of us, there erupted a cacophony, of barking, an' howling, an' yelping, but the moment we passed by, an eery silence trailed our wake. I worried that I may have killed all the dogs in the neighborhood, but, when I looked back, I never saw any doggie corpses littering the ground. Much to my relief, I never saw any wilted and dying vegetation either.

I did make one diversion back to my usual rout, past the park. Man, I was hoping to meet up with my Ice-cream Nemesis again... boy, did I have a message for him...

*Steup = something halfway between Stew and Soup.

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Who ever thought Setup could be so funny.  I can't help it - emitting such noxious gases that a dog, a creature that will eat the crotch out of a pair of underwear if given half a chance, is cowering in fear (or disgust), is hilarious. 

Web definitions
(steups) The act of showing disappointment, derision or disgust for a person, place or thing


Thanks Dude. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I've no doubt there are many who would agree with this.

The sound/gesture/expression (with it's meaning) is in regular use in Africa, from whence, I'm sure, it was exported to the Caribbean, but I never knew that it had a 'name'.

Shows, you're never too old to learn.


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