I recently confronted suicide not once, or twice... but three times. One of these is still occurring. 

What I haven't explained in the article I published on suicide is how much I still blame religion. These are personal feelings, and don't belong in a public service piece; so I will go into that here:

When a person is religious, they create an acceptance of their lifespan never truly ending. A religious person finds this life to be utterly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, except perhaps providing the proper ID for the "real life", or afterlife as it is commonly referred to.

This notion of there being an immortal lifespan tends to break down the value of life and the finality of death. In the mind of the believer, it isn't a matter of not living that draws concern, but the matter of where you end up. Of course you won't stop existing! Are you mad? You have a soul, you fool!

In the minds of many, there is this idea that all it takes to get into heaven is for you to be sorry for being a filthy sinner and acknowledge the Lord God. Bam! Heaven time!

What value is living if you manage to truly believe paradise is just a snuff-film away? The reason you won't find these thoughts specifically in my article is because I am not a neurologist, psychologist, or any other -ologist of note in which I can legitimately make these claims in official print. I am, however, damn smart... smart enough to know how dumb I am... so these thoughts lay here appropriately marked as "opinion" and cast out for the open forum. 

I'm wanting to generate dialogue on this, so I'll stop here and ask: what do you think?
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I don't respond to comments on the article, so if you want to open a dialogue- speak here.


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Given that the so-called sin against the Holy Ghost is such a big deal and almost impossible to know when or if you've committed it, I think its function is to keep church members perpetually off-balance and feeling a need for redemption.

But isn't sinning against the Holy Ghost the one irredeemable sin? Isn't that the only one that there is no forgiveness from?

Funny how the most easily dismissible thing about religion is the worst kind of crime. And telling you that you aren't allowed to doubt the Holy Ghost is just like me telling you to not think about a giraffe.

Bam! You just thought about a giraffe. See you in hell. :P

One can always hope for a miracle. God does miracles, you know.

Well there goes all hope for me.  Dang.

So how does one 'offend' a ghost?

According to the bible, doubting its existence.

Does that mean if you are confident that it doesn't exist then you're fine? You only sin if you doubt?     :D

@Un-One - I don't agree (does that really surprise you?) - I believe teens have a more romantic notion, they see themselves as floating above it all, looking down on all who have wronged them and noting how much they are missed.

What are the holes? 

I've got a lot of experience of this.  If you've got any questions, I might be able to answer them. 

It's pretty much the same thing, Holo Gram. 

They're pretty much the same thing in a way, because suicidality is a slow starving to death of hope and the will to live. 


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