As you can see, I've just come from the very charming Yahoo Answers, where I asked the very neutral question "Christians, why are you Christian?". This is one of many responses I received. Suggesting to me that suicide is the main logical option (and hedonism). 

What do you think of such persons who think like that? Are they actually just insane or just very ignorant to think its acceptable to tell someone that they might as well just kill themselves. 

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I would contend this person is not insane. I once believed as he/she does. How could I not? I was raised in the church, went to Christian schools from k-12, all my friends were Christian, etc. I don't think I was insane, even though I believed in fairly insane things, just a product of my upbringing and surroundings. Like many people on this site, I did a lot of reading in my teen years and my curiosity of philosophy is what started me down the path of thinking critically. Some people just don't have that curiosity and they believe whatever they were raised to believe until the end of their days. 

The whole "the only logical thing to do is kill yourself" thing I've heard many times. I wouldn't take it personally; this person is just regurgitating stuff he/she has heard from apologists. 

Is Suicide the only logical option?

Of course it is, but who in the hell wants to live logically?

One could make a reasonable case that suicide is logical, would you like me to begin?

I choose life, and the continued adventure. Moments do intrude when that choice seems near by, but still the bright lights of 'life' are attractive, even when I can sometimes see the open sewers of broken dreams beneigh.

James, of course it's a logical choice.

People who consider the choice may realize that logic often loses battles with emotion, as your post says it did when you last considered it.

Many years ago while studying mathematics, I found a history of the subject that told of a European mathematician who in the 1800s predicted the day he would die.

On that day, the story said, he committed suicide.

The story surprised me but provided no evidence that allowed me to conclude that logic prevailed.


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