As you can see, I've just come from the very charming Yahoo Answers, where I asked the very neutral question "Christians, why are you Christian?". This is one of many responses I received. Suggesting to me that suicide is the main logical option (and hedonism). 

What do you think of such persons who think like that? Are they actually just insane or just very ignorant to think its acceptable to tell someone that they might as well just kill themselves. 

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Thanks David. I think that even if I could have said more, it would not have done much good. In my experience such fanatics already have their minds made up and will defy all and any contradiction to how they see things.

Yea, That seems to be the way.  That said, I can't completely blame them for that.  I find myself giving less thought to points made by religious types these days, so I guess I'm just as bad.  That said, its usually the same old non sense spewed out again and again.  I guess if there was a valid argument religion the world would be a very scary place so I shouldn't be so cynical of their child like views.

Very true, I'm actually being emailed by a Muslim from YA in regards to me being gay and atheist. And after only three emails its already resorted to circular arguments. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but its rare that I find a theist with something new to say (even if I don't agree with it). 

I suppose we can always feel sorry for them, after all they are the victims of indoctrination and in more serious cases brainwashing 

I had a very dear Muslim friend for a few years till I moved. We repaired student rentals on a small crew. He had a very good sense of humor, he treated me with a little more deference than I liked, due to my age, but a good soul. We often times talked about religion during projects, and safety issues due to his nieve willingness to do mostly anything without much thought, which offered many opportunities for wild laughter, 'god are you ok?'

The 'Virgins Question' came up many times during our conversations. During the course of one conversation it became clear that 'virgins' are of very high value in that 'mostly male focused' religion. The fellow was really looking forward to his 72 virgins(I can't really remember if the number is 70 or 72, figure it would be a blur anyway after 2.5..;p).

Some questions I had:

'Why would the virgins want to be with you?' "Because god made them to like you!"

'Why 72?'. God likes very big, unsupported numbers....     

Lol haha thats awesome. I've only known a few Muslims in person. One of them was nice enough, the other I worked with but was a little homophobic, so I tended to not want to talk to him that much. 

I wonder if this is anything like the number '42'?

Could I have missed something from my last reading of 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'?

Maybe 'Deep Thought's', answer, to 'life, the universe and everything?' was about virgins, but only figured on 42, not 72, being sufficent?

Sadly then, how would virgins enter into the equation.....;-). No nah....

Ah its just their version of spicing up heaven, the best the Christians came up with is "everlasting peace". 

Its been pointed out though by another atheist I spoke about this. "Why would I want to have anything with 72 unexperienced women." 

Lol I suppose he had a fair point there lol

Well the Christians also believe in streets paved with gold and other such non sense.  Jesus in all his wisdom claimed "In my Father's house are many mansions" Both these highlight the need for earthly comforts and riches.  Very much conflicting with the modern day Christian view of the afterlife where you just float about feeling good.

As far as the Muslims idea of heaven and the stupid number of virgins, I think their preachers are focused on entirely the wrong thing,  are these virgins attractive? also I'd tell them they could finally have that bacon sandwich, and a beer!

There is an old old song with something about 'blue bubbleup' that comes to mind...

Why is a "god's" purpose for my life worth more than my own purpose?

Excellent point Doug. Another example to why such people don not use their iniative

I would bet this is a case where that person's worldview is so inundated by religious thinking, specifically the idea of an omnipotent God, that they have a hard time imagining people believing otherwise.  The famous eye-roller in this vein is 'You can't really not believe in God...'  There are even some theologians who, in the spirit of the Ontological argument, insist that the simple ability to conceive of an omnipotent, omnipresent being necessitates his existence.  This kind of thinking reveals a simple inability to look beyond your own preconceptions. 

I think your 'friend' is deeply afraid of the meaningless and brevity of life, and clings to God to solve those problems, even though, obviously, it's not working too well.  The best way to ignore it, though, is to act incredibly self-assured about it and yell at people who threaten your delicate self-deception by showing that there are other equally workable ways of living your life.


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