As you can see, I've just come from the very charming Yahoo Answers, where I asked the very neutral question "Christians, why are you Christian?". This is one of many responses I received. Suggesting to me that suicide is the main logical option (and hedonism). 

What do you think of such persons who think like that? Are they actually just insane or just very ignorant to think its acceptable to tell someone that they might as well just kill themselves. 

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Perhaps it's a witnessing tactic. They want you to be so discouraged and hopeless that you can't possibly go on WITHOUT the support of their god, perhaps. As to why anyone would think this is acceptable behavior, I don't think they've really thought it through.

I'm not sure about them not thinking it through, I think they have a very warped thought process perhaps. But it does seem like a conversion attempt, a poor one at that.

Someone who believes that they receive morals from a supreme being only does not understand the concept of morality. For doing something only out of fear of god/punishment/etc. is not morality.

You will never be able to convince Catholic Apologetic that morality is not from god. You short and sweet reply about this one life being sacred to you is about as good as you can get. Don't let this person's ignorance bother you. He simply can't remember the last time he was an atheist, as a child before he had a concept of god in his head, and he did good things just because.

Great advice Randy, and I think you are right. They are just too stuck in their ways a child before he had a concept of god in his head, and he did good things just because.

What? He did good things just because????

Who is the most selfish, least civilized, creature we human beings know?

A human child between one and two years of age.

Don't take my word for it; ask people who are parenting children of that age.

Do some serious thinking about morality's origin and you will know it didn't start with the Ten Commandments, or even with the centuries-older Code of Hamurabi.

I am a parent of a 9 month old and a 4.5 year old. I have witnessed their morality first hand. Prior to 1 year old, yes, there is a lot of selfishness. But my daughter had a concept of right and wrong very early on without any concept of god. She is only now starting to hear things magical and believe them (Santa, faeries, etc.)

She has known for a long time (prior to age 2) that hitting, pinching, saying mean things, and refusing to share toys hurts other people on different levels and has a well-developed sense of morality as a result.

While I would not call my 9-month old civilized, it will be interesting to see if he develops along the same path as my daughter. She was speaking and crawling at 9 months and he is not doing either yet (he says gibberish words but does not say any real words yet), so I know already that they are quite different developmentally. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Let's have a nice conversation about the psychological phenomenon of projection...

Seriously. That person has some issues.

"Hedonism (n.): The doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good." (

Sounds good to me.

I have found that Atheism answers many of the questions I could not answer as a Christian.  It allows me to love my neighbor in a way that Christianity never could.  It's given me a place to belong, a place to fit in, and it allows me to call people on the other side of the Planet my brother or sister, because we are all human. All from the same family.

It not only allows me to seek the greatest happiness for myself (hedonism) it also allows me to seek that happiness for others.  What could be better?

Your friend in Yahoo Answers is in a cult and unable to think for him/her self.  I wouldn't say they are insane, but they are deep into denial of reality, for sure.

This is actually a really beautiful sentiment and puts into words the way I feel as well.

Well done, good sir! Or should I say, brother?

You're quite welcome, brother!

In fact, you could have turned it on him by saying suicide seems more logical for him because he will get to see his best buddy jesus. 


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