Okay... my annoyance over the past few days has been extremely high... so feel free to tune me out. Okay... so what have I as an atheist been subjected to for the past 3 or 4 days.... the news has demonstrated their blantant preference for christianity again, and their obsession  over not very newsworthy items once again. As some of you may already know... I live in the middle west... which has been rocked by severe thunderstorms for the past 2 or three weeks. Before "the jesus statue incident," the news was covering a truly newsworthy item... the gulf oil catastrophe. But... suddenly... the evening news went into a local "tragedy" [which for me was actually really funny... the first day they covered it]. A church down near Kings Island had been annoying me for years with their very tacky giant "touch-down Jesus" [as my mother would call it] statue. The statue was taller than the church itself... around 60 ft [18.29 m]. It looked like this...



Annoying, tacky, and overly dramatic right?



Well get this... apparently in one of the huge thunderstorms the annoying statue [which was made almost entirely of highly flammable materials such as styrophome] was hit by lightning and... burned to the ground... this is what it looked like after the strike...



Of course my reaction was to start laughing my head off [to the hostile stares of my family]... I couldn't help it! It was too funny!


And.... of course... every Christian in Ohio missed the IRONY that God had apparently "smote" a statue of his son with a lightning bolt and burned it to the ground! LMAO!


Of course... some christians chalked it up to God... I chalked it up to lightning's tendancy to strike tall objects and the flammable materials igniting in the extreme heat of the lightning bolt [which can reach the same temperature as the surface of the sun]...


but the christians said 1. God was angry that we spent several hundred thousand dollars on a statue instead of helping the poor... 2. Gid was angry that we erected a graven image... 3. God didn't do it... it just happened. [if God didn't do it, and he exists... who the hell did?]


Of course.... I thought it was fine that they covered it the first day...


But I got a bit annoyed when it was covered the next day and the day after that... and the oil spill was pushed to the back in a tiny 15 - 30 second set of pictures and a couple of lame sentences! WTF?!!!



Then... even more annoying... it made world news fast and Christians from all over the planet were offering to provide the church with funds to rebuild this ridiculous Jesus idol.




God! [just a figure of speech] You thought that if anything would make christians doubt God... it would be this... apparently not. Grrrrr.... >(

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This from the wiki entry on Idolatry:

"Fundamentalist Protestants often accuse Catholic and Orthodox Christians of idolatry, iconolatry, and even paganism for failing to "cleanse their faith" of the use of images."

I snorted coffee out of my nose when I read that.


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