When someone believes something even though all evidence is contrary to that belief, does this mean they are stupid or crazy?

Instead of using religion as an example, I will use this one: some people still believe the earth is flat. Are they stupid people or crazy people?

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I left Christianity 40 years ago. I still have many friends from my past who are still very devout Christians. I don't think that any of them has ever had defend their faith. I have questioned a few of them about their beliefs. When I do, they are shocked that I, or anyone, has objections to what they believe. Their dogma is so deeply ingrained in their being that it is absolutely unfathomable for them to comprehend that there is even the smallest possibility that what they believe is not true.

I didn't expect this to foster such a good, serious discussion. My serious, philosophical questions never do.

I'm puzzled by why your question has a forced limitation of only two negative options, stupid or crazy.

Does this person posses the evidence? There could be evidence and they are not aware of it in which case they are just ignorant.

If they have the evidence then calling them stupid would be an insult to the stupid, calling them crazy I'd feel insulted so I think they are just willfully ignorant or as GM has said delusional

I think that if they choose to believe that the earth is flat or that snakes talk etc, in spite of evidence that it’s not true, then they just don’t really care enough about it.  They mostly just want to fit into the circle they belong to … 

Bingo is more important than facts … : )


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